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Recently, we've noticed a significant increase in the number of electronic publications available, and we welcome them to the nets. We recommend that electronic publishers take full advantage of the electronic environmentShow full article

Macintosh TV Redux

Macintosh TV Redux -- Pythaeus comments that the major feature I forgot to mention in last week's article on Macintosh TV is that the entire unit is completely black, other than the Apple Platinum dust door on the CD playerShow full article

Martin Fenner

Martin Fenner writes: I have both the book and disk versions of PowerBook: The Digital Nomad's Guide (discussed in TidBITS #201). The disk version is based on Voyager's Expanded Book concept, about which many people have mixed feelingsShow full article

Dieter Hirschmann

Dieter Hirschmann writes: Spectrum Information Technologies, John Sculley's new company, might have some rough times ahead of it (see TidBITS #199 for more information)Show full article

Prodigy Internet Rate Update

Prodigy released the Mail Manager DOS software to all its members last week. It costs $4.95 to download the software. There are no versions as yet for Mac or WindowsShow full article

Soft Support

A few months ago, I had the good fortune to acquire a Bucky to use in my daily computing. "What's a Bucky?" you may ask. A Bucky replaces your antiseptic neoprene keyboard wrist pad with a soft, sweet-smelling, bean bag wrist padShow full article

Made For Each Other

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers With the demise of Norton Essentials for PowerBook, CPU clearly owns the title for the most full-featured PowerBook utilities packageShow full article

A PDA For The Rest Of Us?

Now the smoke's settling and the mirrors have been removed, many people are disappointed with the Newton. Sure it's a great idea and the start of something important, but the killer applications have yet to appearShow full article

Hypertext '93

Hypertext. It's a term that causes eyes to glaze over and heads to nod dumbly. Most people have heard the term, coined in 1965 by Ted Nelson, but few who haven't used it could define itShow full article

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