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Hypertext '93 Proceedings

Hypertext '93 Proceedings -- A number of people have asked for information on how to get the proceedings of the Hypertext '93 conference. I don't know the price, but you can find that and other information (such as shipping details, I imagine) by emailing Show full article

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week -- As a followup to Charles Wheeler's article in the last issue about converting a Mac site to DOS-based software, a friend passed this onShow full article

Bill Dickson

Bill Dickson writes in regard to On The Road and CPU (TidBITS #203): CPU 2.0.1c will automatically switch to a "docked" set if it senses that a Duo is connected to a dock, and then back to the previously-used set when the machine is restarted outside the dockShow full article

Psion Updates

Psion Updates -- Patrick Edmond writes: "As a Psion Series 3 owner, I can echo Charlie Stross's comments in TidBITS #203 about the usefulness of the Psion machineShow full article

Prentice-Hall International-UK

Prentice-Hall International-UK made a mistake in the online offer made to TidBITS readers for my book. They have been offering 20 percent off 18.50 pounds, when in fact the base price they should have been charging was 27.50 pounds, which is now in effectShow full article

$100 rebates

$100 rebates are available for Mac owners who purchase any HP LaserJet Series M laser printer before 31-Dec-93. You need a completed rebate certificate (available from your dealer or HP), a copy of your sales receipt, the bar code label from your printer box, and the serial number from your Mac (to prove ownership)Show full article

Nothing Like A Little Bigotry To Brighten Your Day

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is an expensive place to do business, and I've heard warnings that unless the area does more for business, companies will immigrate to more favorable locationsShow full article

Apple/Radius Card Looks to the Future

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Apple seems to waver between wanting to provide complete Macintosh system solutions all by itself, and leveraging third-party developers' product lines to best effectShow full article

Quicken Updates

People on the nets have been discussing updates to Quicken, the popular personal finance package recently, and Harry Hahn passed on a useful tip for finding out what version of Quicken you haveShow full article

Alarming MessagePad Bug

A problem that's been informally acknowledged by Apple tech support could cause a loss of data for Newton MessagePad users. Apple is working to fix the problem, which they believe is a bug in the MessagePad's handling of alarmed recurring events in the built-in Datebook application. The bug manifests itself as a state where the Newton splash screen comes up and stays upShow full article

WordPerfect Mac 3.0: The Next Best Thing

I've been using WordPerfect Mac since the infamous pre-1.0 beta sale. To paraphrase Victor Kiam, I liked WordPerfect Mac 2.0 so much I wrote a book about itShow full article

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