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We're off to Macworld on Wednesday (so use my ZiffNet/Mac account for urgent email), and it promises to be an exciting show. Steve Maller of General Magic wrote to tell us that Andy Hertzfeld and Bill Atkinson, two of the major deities in the Mac developer pantheon will give the first public demonstrations of Magic Cap and Telescript technologies at the tenth anniversary keynote address, which looks like it will be on Thursday morning at 10:00. I've finalized the details of the book signing, so if you're around on Friday afternoon at 1:30, come to the Hayden booth (#718) and I'll be more than happy to sign copies of the Internet Starter Kit for MacintoshShow full article

The annual Netter's Dinner

The annual Netter's Dinner, as ably organized by Jon Pugh , is scheduled for 6:00 PM Friday the 7th this year. You must RSVP to Jon by Wednesday night to attend the buffet-style dinner at the Hunan on Sansome at Broadway, but only RSVP if you're sure you can make it since the overall bill is based on the reservation count. Show full article

First Annual ZMac 5K Fun Run at Macworld Expo.

First Annual ZMac 5K Fun Run at Macworld Expo. For those whose idea of exercise is more strenuous than channel surfing, ZiffNet/Mac is holding a 5K (right, 5,120 bytes) fun run at MacworldShow full article

Beth Gaynor

Beth Gaynor writes: Your recent Mac-awareness comments reminded me of something that happened when I was buying a skirt for my trip to Macworld (yay!)Show full article

Microphone Details

[Craig O'Donnell is the author of Cool Mac Sounds (ISBN 1-56830-067-0), the second edition of which was recently published by Hayden Books. We reviewed the first edition in TidBITS #155, and if the second edition improves on the first as I suspect it does from the information Craig provides below, it's worth checking out for those who work with sound on the MacintoshShow full article

Keyboard Common Sense

We all know that the traditional QWERTY layout of the keyboards most of us use constantly is foisted upon us by the mechanical typewriters of yore. It seems that unlike bell bottoms and disco music, the QWERTY layout is here to stayShow full article

The User Over Your Shoulder: The New Technologies Treadmill

For a mere $250 plus shipping, you can order from APDA (Apple's developer-support wing) a year's subscription to the Developer Mailing. Each month you receive a newsletter and a CD. The CDs are filled with stuff that Apple wants to put into the hands of software authorsShow full article

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