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We'd like to congratulate John Norstad, author of Disinfectant and NewsWatcher among others, for his John J. Anderson Distinguished Achievement Award from MacUserShow full article

La Cie Recalls Drives

La Cie Recalls Drives -- While perusing my Navigator session on CompuServe, I noticed this warning in the Macintosh Hardware forum. I'm currently unable to confirm this due to the timing, but it appears that La Cie has recalled 1,900 of their new 340 MB Tsunami hard drivesShow full article

PowerTalk to Internet Gateway

PowerTalk to Internet Gateway -- Jim Gaynor tells us that StarNine has released an evaluation version of their PowerTalk to Internet gateway. I've played briefly with the shipping version, which works, although it currently isn't ideal for use with SLIP or PPP since it tries to dial out a bit too frequentlyShow full article

RSI News

Andy Williams passed on the news that the American Physical Therapy Association is sponsoring two free days of phone help to help those affected by the "Information Revolution." Sounds like a good time to call to chat about your carpal tunnel or tendonitisShow full article

New Technology Comments

Some comments on things you've said recently about upcoming Apple technologies. In regard to QuickDraw GX, you left out the coolest thing about QuickDraw GXShow full article

Caveat Emptor, or What's Weak This Week

You want to complain, complain here. In some discussions on Usenet, I was falsely accused of being continually upbeat because I live in California. That's not true - I live in Seattle, where it rains all the time (or so we're supposed to tell people from California)Show full article

Newton 1.05 Upgrade "Sucks"

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers Patient MessagePad owners were rewarded in late January with the release of the long-awaited 1.05 system software upgradeShow full article

Apple Improves CD Drive

Beginning this month, Apple is shipping Macs with an improved internal CD ROM drive, the AppleCD 300i Plus. The new unit offers a tray-loading feature similar to that found in home CD audio decks, eliminating the need for CD caddiesShow full article

Stylish Stylus

Apple provides a brushed aluminum replacement stylus to MessagePad purchasers who register, but it's no more attractive a writing instrument than the original; it's just a different colorShow full article

Anarchie Rules

The more I use Universal Resource Locators (URLs) to identify Internet resources, the more I like them. For one thing, URLs help with composing TidBITS because they offer a standard way to refer to FTP sites and directory pathsShow full article

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