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Mysteriously Moving Margins in Word

In Microsoft Word 2008 (and older versions), if you put your cursor in a paragraph and then move a tab or indent marker in the ruler, the change applies to just that paragraph. If your markers are closely spaced, you may have trouble grabbing the right one, and inadvertently work with tabs when you want to work with indents, or vice-versa. The solution is to hover your mouse over the marker until a yellow tooltip confirms which element you're about to drag.

I recently came to appreciate the importance of waiting for those tooltips: a document mysteriously reset its margins several times while I was under deadline pressure, causing a variety of problems. After several hours of puzzlement, I had my "doh!" moment: I had been dragging a margin marker when I thought I was dragging an indent marker.

When it comes to moving markers in the Word ruler, the moral of the story is always to hover, read, and only then drag.

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A quick update - the Info-Mac archive site at is back up and running, although you should still try to use mirror sites whenever possible. Show full article

John Norstad

John Norstad announced last Friday that a new version of Disinfectant, version 3.4.1, is available. Disinfectant 3.4.1 fixes the minor problems reported in TidBITS #216, and is available at: disinfectant341.sea.hqx In addition to the problem when scanning System Enablers on some Macs, John says that 3.4.1 fixes a tendency of the protection INIT to incorrectly identify INIT 9403 virus infections, using the wrong name. Show full article

Power Macintosh Easter Egg

Power Macintosh Easter Egg -- Mike Basham has reported the first Easter Egg for the Power Macintoshes. First, make sure no debugger is loaded. Hold down the interrupt switch while turning on the Power Mac, and then let upShow full article

John Sculley and Spectrum,

John Sculley and Spectrum, his former employer, have dropped their mutual lawsuits against each other, and to spoil the fun even further, have agreed not to talk about the situation at allShow full article

BMUG MacFest '94

BMUG MacFest '94 goes on this coming Saturday, 19-Mar-94, at UC Berkeley's ASUC Pauley Ballroom from 10 AM to 6 PM. It's sounds like a good time and should be a less-overwhelming trade show atmosphere than MacworldShow full article

John Baxter

John Baxter writes: I've run into something that grammar mavens may find interesting. Consider this correct [English version] AppleScript code: tell word 4 of paragraph 2 of document 1 of application "Scriptable Text Editor" get it's text end tell Here, Apple has managed to make AppleScript syntax so English-like that it commits the all-too-common mistake of using "it's" instead of "its" as the possessive. You can of course also write that statement as: get the text of it That sounds terribly stilted, but at least avoids the incorrect use of the contraction in place of the possessiveShow full article

Power Macintosh Nativeware

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. In 1984, Apple shipped Macintosh with virtually no third-party software available. Almost at the last minute, the company made up for the shortage of ready-to-ship software by including its own MacWrite and MacPaint products at no chargeShow full article

The Power Macintosh Picture

TidBITS has shared most of the relevant information about the Power Macs over the past few weeks, but this article takes a quick look at the official details from Apple. Power Macintosh -- All three new computers introduced today bear the name "Power Macintosh," and are built around a PowerPC 601 microprocessor, the first-generation chip resulting from joint efforts among Apple, IBM, and MotorolaShow full article

Power Macintosh Prices

Here are the official prices, straight from the Apple propaganda distributed at today's presentation. All of these prices are "Apple prices," which means that they are probably relatively close to what you'll pay at a normal dealerShow full article

Power Macintosh Musings

The Power Macintosh arrived today amid a 90 minute Apple presentation beamed via satellite to over 300 locations around the world. We attended the gala event in Seattle, although except for some niceties such as PowerBars (usually for athletes), apples, and gobs of candy outside the hall and a short introduction by a local Apple person, everyone else in the world saw the same show. Apple provided little information of substance, but that's not surprising since the presentation aimed for glitz and market placementShow full article

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