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Adding Links in Snow Leopard's Mail

Apple Mail in Snow Leopard now has a Command-key shortcut for adding a link to an email.

If you use plain-text email, this will not be helpful at all, but if you send styled email, it's a nice shortcut for adding URLs to your email messages. Simply select the word(s) you want to make into a link, press Command-K, and enter the URL to build into the link.

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The late-breaking news that we've had no time to digest is that today Novell purchased WordPerfect for a whopping $1.4 billion in stock, creating one of the world's largest software companiesShow full article


Apologies to Graphisoft Software and Graphsoft, Inc., the publishers of ArchiCAD and MiniCAD, respectively. In our "Power Macintosh Nativeware" article in TidBITS #217 we incorrectly listed both products as being from GraphisoftShow full article

John Baxter

John Baxter writes: I've been running my Power Macintosh 8100/80 since setting it up Thursday. My general impression is that everything is fast, but since I'm comparing the new machine with my unaccelerated Macintosh IIci, that's not surprisingShow full article

Dave Peltier

Dave Peltier wrote to tell us that the AudioVision adapter cable, necessary to connect a standard Mac monitor cable to a Power Mac's HDI-45 video port, is not included with every Power Mac as we stated in TidBITS #217Show full article

Erik Speckman

Erik Speckman writes: In TidBITS #217 Mark Anbinder asserts that, instead of advancing the PowerPC architecture, the MPC 603 brings the PowerPC to low cost and low power applications. This is only half rightShow full article

Don Pickens

Don Pickens , Product Manager for Word for the Macintosh, writes: In reply to TidBITS #217 on the Power Macintosh launch and Microsoft's participation: At the Power Macintosh launch on March 14, Microsoft showed a very powerful demonstration of a solution built in AppleScript using support of AppleScript in the new versions of Word, Microsoft Excel and FoxProShow full article

Jamie McCarthy

Jamie McCarthy writes: I just ordered a pair of the Yamaha YST-M10 speakers that Craig O'Donnell mentioned in TidBITS #216. The YST series is Yamaha's part number for its cables; the first two dealers I talked to were puzzled by thatShow full article

HP DeskWriter Refills

Kyle writes to tell us that MEI/Micro Center now sells refill kits for HP DeskWriter printer cartridges. It seems that they have figured out how to refill both the original DeskWriter cartridges and the new high-capacity ones, which were previously thought to be good for only one useShow full article

Adobe + Aldus = Adobus?

In the shocking news of the week, two of the 600 pound gorilla companies of the Macintosh market announced a plan to merge. That's right, Aldus and Adobe agreed to become one and the same, dependent on the agreement of the shareholders at meetings in JulyShow full article

What, More Money?

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Early Newton technology adopters have paid quite a bit of money for the distinction of owning a NewtonShow full article

Just Some General Magic

I attended a talk by General Magic's CEO, Marc Porat, a few weeks back, and although I'm not sure I've fully assimilated everything he said, I came away with one important realization - General Magic has the right ideaShow full article

An Article for Morons

I spend a fair amount of time in the computer sections of bookstores these days, and I've noticed a disturbing trend. The trendy titles all insult the readerShow full article

The "FatNewt": The MessagePad Scribbles On!

Apple introduced Newton MessagePad 110 in early March, and it was immediately picked up and put through its paces by an eager contingent of Newton fansShow full article

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