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If you regularly visit our FTP site at for Macintosh Internet software, be aware that we're moving files and directories around. Things may be rather difficult to find for the next week or soShow full article

eWorld Rate Correction

eWorld Rate Correction -- OK, so I blew the eWorld rates last issue. Here's the scoop, straight from the horse's press release. "The basic monthly subscription to the service is $8.95, which includes two free hours of evening or weekend usageShow full article

ETO Pricing Correction

Scott Storkel writes: Whoops! As several people have already pointed out, my comments about ETO pricing in TidBITS-231 weren't complete. ETO is $1,295 per year for the first year and $395 for each additional year rather than $1,295 every year as my comments implied. Show full article

Emplant Mac Emulator for Amiga

Phil Ryan writes in regard to the new PC emulator for the Power Macs that we mentioned in TidBITS-231: I have had some experience with Utilities Unlimited and their product Emplant, a Mac emulator for the AmigaShow full article

MacWEEK Internet Addresses

Ric Ford writes: It seemed odd to mention MacUser in TidBITS-231 and ignore MacWEEK, when MacWEEK has had Internet email addresses for a long time. You can send email to MacWEEK via the Internet for letters at , for Mac the Knife at and for individual staff members at , such as my address, , and . [No slight to MacWEEK was intended of course - we were simply responding to the announcement of the MacUser Show full article

Aldus ChartMaker

Aldus ChartMaker may not print, but that doesn't make it an applet. Jason Stephenson wrote in response to the TidBITS-230 mention of ChartMaker: "How can anyone call a program that requires 8 MB of hard disk space and wants 4 MB of RAM an 'applet?' Everyone complains about Word's disk requirements but it is less bloated than this thing from AldusShow full article

Death of a Newton?

Perhaps I overstate the Newton's status in the title of this article, but it appears that the Newton is being, shall we say, "de-emphasized" at AppleShow full article

Duo Owners Get Modem Choice

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. After waiting more than a year and a half, PowerBook Duo owners now have a third-party modem option, the PowerPort/Mercury for the PowerBook Duo from Global Village CommunicationShow full article

Internet Information Piracy

If you've grown accustomed to reading Dave Barry's humor columns in ClariNet, the fee-based news service that appears in the clari.* Usenet hierarchy, you may have noticed that Dave Barry's columns are no longer posted (apparently the same is true of Mike Royko's columns). Brad Templeton, who started both rec.humor.funny and ClariNet, posted a message 17-Jun-94 saying, "We regret to announce that on the orders of Knight-Ridder Tribune and its Tribune Media Services Division, we will cease publishing the Dave Barry column and the Mike Royko column effective June 23, 1994." It appears that Knight-Ridder became concerned about the level of information piracy on the InternetShow full article

One World, Two OneWorlds

The global village grows closer every day, and one of the companies making it happen is Global Village Communications. The company's new OneWorld server products, introduced earlier this year, are perfectly suited to providing communications services on small, medium, and large networksShow full article

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