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Due to various and sundry travel plans, we may not release the next few issues on our usually strict Monday night schedule. If you don't see one on time, just check in another day or twoShow full article

Free passes to Mactivity

Free passes to Mactivity are available if you email your name, address, phone, and fax number to Gary Stein at . Mactivity is a large Macintosh networking conference held in the San Jose Convention Center from 19-Jul-94 to 21-Jul-94Show full article

AOL Updated

AOL Updated -- Version 2.5f1 of the America Online software claims that it's no longer supported, but 2.5f3 has appeared. It's at: [ACE] ftp://ftp.aol.com/mac/Install_America_Online_ v2.5f3.bin Show full article

Internet & NPR

Internet & NPR -- Anyone who's interested in hearing me make a fool of myself on National Public Radio (NPR) should listen to NPR's Weekend All Things Considered program next weekend (23-Jul-94 or 24-Jul-94)Show full article

Another spec sheet error

Another spec sheet error has appeared, this time on the Portable StyleWriter data sheet. The info under the heading "Print Materials" on data sheet L0488LL/A incorrectly lists "Tabloid" as a supported paper optionShow full article

Network Copy Protection Woes

Christopher P Courtright writes: Network copy protection (see TidBITS-234) has problems in large Mac shops such as ours. To simplify administration of the Macs in our organization, everyone has an identical software load (there are minor variations in system software)Show full article

Mainstream Multimedia Macs

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Multimedia capabilities for the masses are at the heart of Apple's new 630 series of Macintosh computers, introduced todayShow full article

SEx and the Single Archive

StuffIt Expander from Leonard Rosenthol of Aladdin Systems has become one of those programs without which you simply cannot exist on the Internet. If for some reason you've never heard of StuffIt Expander (which Aladdin refers to internally as SEx), it's a small free application that expands a number of common file formats, including all the StuffIt formats, Compact Pro archives, AppleLink packages, and BinHex filesShow full article

Connectix is Watching

Last week Connectix Corporation announced its first foray into the Macintosh hardware arena. Connectix QuickCam, scheduled for introduction at the Macworld Expo in Boston next month, is a low-cost video camera intended to bring desktop video to every MacintoshShow full article

The Flexible FlexCam

I'm not a video freak, even though I bought a 660AV last fall to replace my trusty SE/30. I've only once hooked my VCR to the 660AV to record QuickTime movies, and I just don't think in terms of videoShow full article

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