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Due to various changes at Dartmouth, the URL for the World-Wide Web version of TidBITS has changed. The new URL is: http://mmm.dartmouth.edu/pages/tidbits/ tidbits.html Show full article

DropStuff and StuffIt Expander to Expire

Aladdin Systems writes: Swept up in the enthusiasm and zealousness to release the new StuffIt Expander 3.5 and DropStuff with Expander Enhancer (DSEE), we screwed upShow full article


Pythaeus writes to tell us that although Apple has developed a new 68040 emulator for the Power Macintosh that reportedly runs twice as fast as the emulator, the new emulator cannot run on existing Power Macs due to ROM incompatibilitiesShow full article

Newton and Windows users

Newton and Windows users will be thrilled to hear that version 2.0 of the Newton Connection Kit for Windows, announced in March, is finally shipping. Registered users of 1.0 should automatically receive free upgrades over the next few weeksShow full article

Yet another spec sheet error

Yet another spec sheet error came to our attention last week. For reasons nobody can figure out, compatibility charts show that A/UX 3.1 is compatible with the Workgroup Server 9150 (which is a Power Mac system, none of which run A/UX)Show full article

Lack of PowerPC-native Utilities

Joe Clark and writes: I wonder if one overlooked reason for not buying a Power Mac is the relative scarcity of life-improving utilities. Adobe only recently announced a native ATM for Power Macs, and it won't ship for a few weeks, if thenShow full article

The PowerPort/Gold

The PowerPort/Gold for 100-series PowerBook models dropped in price last week, according to Global Village Communication. Apple won't offer any modem-bundled PowerBook 150s, so Global Village hopes to capture the lion's share of modem sales for the new PowerBooksShow full article

Jon Pugh

Jon Pugh commented in email that Star Trek: The Next Generation had little Newton-like devices all over on the bridge. Jon mused half-jokingly that if Apple could keep the Newton alive for a few hundred years, we'd be all setShow full article

FullWrite List

FullWrite List -- A mailing list devoted to discussing the FullWrite word processor has appeared on the Internet. To subscribe, send email to with this line in the body of the message: SUBSCRIBE FW-NEWS your full name Thanks to Eric Enwall for setting up this list for FullWrite usersShow full article

FullWrite Upgrade

FullWrite Upgrade -- The FullWrite list hasn't had much traffic lately, but news about the upcoming version came through the list a few days ago. FullWrite 2.0 sounds promising, with features such as tables, two-page editing, indexing, table of contents, text wrap around graphics, watermarks, drag & drop, and a glossary that stores chunks of pre-typed textShow full article

GlobalFax for Power Macs

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Earlier this month, Global Village Communication released version 2.08b of its GlobalFax software and TelePort software for serial TelePort modem modelsShow full article

New Display, New Keyboard

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Apple's various CPU divisions had a big day last week, and not to be outdone, the company's peripheral-designing groups are letting the Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display and the AppleDesign Keyboard out into the worldShow full article

More Mobile Macs

Apple's PowerBook series no longer holds the top position it enjoyed in the notebook computer market for a while; recent DataQuest analyses show IBM and Compaq portables leading the packShow full article

Transition to PowerPC: RAM Doubler 1.5

Presented at the Sumeria Technology and Issues Conference, 30-Jun-94 This paper is a case history of the development of RAM Doubler 1.5, the Power Mac-compatible version of the popular Connectix memory management utility, RAM Doubler 1.0. We began work on the PowerPC version of RAM Doubler in the fourth quarter of 1993, when we entered the final stages of the 68K developmentShow full article

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