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Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott and Glenn Tiffert tell us that the current versions of the Japanese and Chinese Language Kits don't work with System 7.5, and that users of those script systems will reportedly have to wait for version 1.1.1, due out at the end of the yearShow full article


GreenDisk -- Kudos to GreenDisk, a company that recycles obsolete floppy disks and manuals to make fresh floppy disks, which Craig O'Donnell recently brought to our attentionShow full article

CodeWarrior Support Site

Paul Robichaux writes: CWWWW, the official CodeWarrior WWW support site, is now available. Metrowerks is contributing technical and marketing materialShow full article

Arrange 2.0

Arrange 2.0, the personal information manager from Common Knowledge, is now shipping, although it unfortunately still has (in my opinion) serious limits on the amount of text per noteShow full article


Apple has a new Web server that currently serves only one purpose - to provide another way to reach the software archives on . The server does have a number of pages under construction that might prove interesting later onShow full article

Ashley Barnard

Ashley Barnard of the Arizona Mac Users Group writes to tell us that AMUG has released the latest version of their BBS in a Box CD-ROM (Volume XII) in ISO format, which means that PC-based BBSs can now provide files from the CD-ROM for Macintosh usersShow full article

Timbuktu Pro and ARA

Mark Richman writes: I just wanted to add one point to your otherwise excellent article on Timbuktu Pro. You mentioned in passing that the Pro version works with ARA, but did not go into detailsShow full article

Timbuktu Pro for Telecommuting

Chris Meyer writes: The recent in-depth review of Timbuktu in the recent TidBITS was much appreciated. Here is another angle on Timbuktu. Pacific Bell has been pushing ISDN for telecommutingShow full article

CE Adds to Newton Mailbox

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. CE Software added more communications capability to Newton MessagePads with its recent introduction of EnRoute, a $129 QuickMail client developed by Netstrategy SoftwareShow full article

Sprechen Sie Macintosh?

One ray of sunshine at the recent Boston Macworld Expo was the foreign language software. Foreign language software has two major categories - instructional and translationShow full article

The Public Mac - MacPrefect and DiskPrefect

Have you ever maintained a Macintosh shared by multiple users? Or shared your own Mac with coworkers or family members? If so, you may have faced the nightmare of randomly trashed applications, misplaced documents, and changed settingsShow full article

Reach for the Stars with RedShift

As I begin this article, I'm imagining that I'm on a satellite of Mars called Phobos, and I'm watching Mars, which looks like an enormous crescent, eight times the size of the Big Dipper as seen from EarthShow full article

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