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Well, it's finally happened. Our 56K Frame Relay connection to the Internet went in last Friday along with our hand-strung Ethernet, and we've been enjoying not having to dial out all weekendShow full article

Yet another Apple Web server

Yet another Apple Web server has appeared, and this one feels like the best yet. contains information about Apple, including new product releases (a good way to find answers to questions such as how to upgrade to System 7.5, also see Tonya's article below), and links to FTP sites for software updates. http://www.info.apple.com/ My favorites are the Apple Tech Info Library, complete with a decent searching mechanism, and, under Apple Related Web Pages, sections from each of the Tech Support teams at AppleShow full article

BBEdit T-Shirts

BBEdit T-Shirts -- Like many vendors, Bare Bones Software had a T-shirt done for the Macworld Expo, and their BBEdit "It Doesn't Suck" T-shirts experienced such popularity that Bare Bones Software has announced that the T-shirts are officially for saleShow full article

Don't Use Speed Disk 3.0

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. Symantec announced last week that it has discovered a problem with the Speed Disk module of its recent Norton Utilities 3.0 release for Macintosh, and said that customers should not use that version of Speed DiskShow full article

MODE32 for 7.5 Announced

One of the great diversions every time Apple releases a new version of the system software is figuring out what old programs will and will not work. Even more serious are the concerns about which machines may no longer be able to keep upShow full article

Think You're Smart?

If you're a smart computer, this is your chance to prove it. Continuing the quest for artificial intelligence, a California organization has announced its fourth annual competition for the DrShow full article

Where to Buy System 7.5

Someday Apple will set up an affordable software subscription service. In exchange for a nominal fee, Apple will automatically send users new software on a biannual basisShow full article

Preliminary Practical Primer to QuickDraw GX, Part I

QuickDraw GX had a great deal of advance press, which isn't surprising given that it was originally supposed to ship with the first release of System 7 three years agoShow full article

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