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Today is a national holiday in the U.S. - Martin Luther King Day. For those in other countries who don't know, Martin Luther King, Jr. was among the most well-known of the civil rights leaders in the 1960s and winner of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize. Why do I bring up this holiday? Because, in a moment of reflection, I think King would have approved of the Internet as a medium of communication, one in which race has no impactShow full article

500-series PowerBook owners

500-series PowerBook owners with Apple's PCMCIA expansion module have been reporting problems with type III PCMCIA devices sticking in the slot, modem driver problems, and grounding trouble with the upper slot when certain cards are insertedShow full article

Laser-sensitive Paper?

Peter Lewis comments regarding the heat-sensitive paper we mentioned in TidBITS-258: Now what we really need is paper that changes colour when you run it through a laser printer, and then changes back after a few daysShow full article

Newton Web Browser; Dell at Macworld

Mike Cohen writes in regard to the Newton Web browser and the Windows 95 presence at Macworld in TidBITS-258: I saw AllPen's Newton Web browser at the Newton VAR show in Cupertino on Thursday and at Digital Ocean's booth at MacworldShow full article

J. J. Lodder

J. J. Lodder comments that in addition to Open Door Networks (see TidBITS-258), knoware, a Dutch non-profit foundation, has been providing dial-up Internet access via ARA for almost a yearShow full article

Visioneer PaperPort

Jake Peters writes: One of my fellow employees recently purchased the Visioneer PaperPort scanner. There are two amazing things about it - the size and the interface softwareShow full article


Marathon, the popular Doom-like game for the Macintosh, now has an "official" World-Wide Web site. So those of you who can't get enough of the game can get a little more while you're on the WebShow full article

Kids World demo

Kids World demo -- In TidBITS-255, I reviewed Kids World, a kid's program for creating animated screen savers. Those wanting to give Kids World a trial run can check out the demo, which offers a good idea of what using Kids World is like, but only gives access to Backyard World and the painting toolsShow full article

WWW Conference Proceedings and Planning

Philip Enslow writes: The First and Second WWW Conferences are now history and planning is underway for the Third to be held in Darmstadt in April. The official Proceedings of the First Conference have now been published as a Special Issue of Computer Networks and ISDN Systems which contains eighteen of the best papersShow full article

The Clone Zone

If you read much in the way of computer-related media, you almost certainly know that Apple has licensed its MacOS to a few sundry companies, making it possible for these companies to sell Macintosh clonesShow full article

The End of the GIF-Giving Season

On January 3rd, 1995, an announcement appeared in CompuServe's GRAPHSUPPORT forum that sent a shock wave through the online community. Apparently, the popular GIF graphics file format was now proprietary and users must have secured a license from CompuServe by January 10th in order to keep using GIF filesShow full article

Pippin Pops Up

Apple is branching out from the Macintosh name to other apple words with the Pippin (which is, if you believe our mellifluous dictionary, "any of numerous roundish or oblate varieties of apple")Show full article

SimTower: The Fun of Trump Without the Bankruptcy

Do you ever wonder why Donald Trump built those big towers in Manhattan? What attraction drove him? Now, with SimTower, Maxis Software's newest simulation of our complex world, you can find outShow full article

Video for Everyone

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. The FCC approved it just a tad too late for most stores to stock up for holiday gift sales, but the QuickCam video camera for Macintosh computers should prove a winner for ConnectixShow full article

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