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Nisus Software Returns

Nisus Software Returns -- We'd like to welcome back Nisus Software as a TidBITS sponsor. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock recently, we just finished a three-part review (starting in TidBITS-263) of Nisus Writer, the latest version of the company's powerful word processorShow full article

System 7.5 Network Startup Disk

System 7.5 Network Startup Disk -- Apple's finally done what Macintosh network managers have been doing for years: created a DiskCopy image of a minimal startup disk that boots almost any Macintosh and puts it on a networkShow full article

ShrinkWrap Update

ShrinkWrap Update -- Some TidBITS readers were confused when the URL given for the disk-image utility ShrinkWrap 1.2 in TidBITS-260 seemed invalid. Turns out Chad Magendanz, ShrinkWrap's developer, has been especially ambitious lately, releasing new versions to add capabilities and fix a few problemsShow full article

Communications Decency Act Follow-Up

Communications Decency Act Follow-Up -- Several civil liberties, privacy, and electronic advocacy organizations are coordinating a campaign with the Voters Telecommunications Watch to oppose the Communications Decency Act, Senate bill 314, outlined in TidBITS-263Show full article

NSCA HTTPd Security Hole

John T. Chapman writes: A number of postings have shown up recently regarding an Edupage article on 21-Feb-95. This article suggests that there is a security hole in "Mosaic," which could lead to destruction of a number of Web sites. http://www.educom.edu/edupage.old/edupage.95/ edupage-02.21.95 Unfortunately, this article is somewhat inaccurate: the security weakness lies in the NCSA HTTPd server software (version 1.3) for Unix Web serversShow full article

The Demands of Video

The Demands of Video -- Microsoft announced that it will shortly release to developers version 1.1e of its Video For Windows (VFW) software, just a day before a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order halting the distribution of VFW 1.1dShow full article

MacInTax: Getting a Fix Intuit

As noted in TidBITS-261 and TidBITS-264, MacInTax has exhibited problems importing data from other software programs. Several TidBITS readers have reported other problems they've encountered with this year's version of MacInTax, and these folks certainly aren't aloneShow full article

The Mighty Comic CD-ROM

One of my current pet theories - to be tested this summer when I go to my ten year high school reunion - is that in many ways, our teenage years form the basis for the people we becomeShow full article

The Epson Color Stylus

This Christmas, my wife sent me on a scavenger hunt. As I followed the clues, I finally ended up in her closet and found a big, beautiful box hidden beneath some clothesShow full article

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