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ftp.tidbits.com Down

ftp.tidbits.com Down -- For various reasons, the machine that runs died yesterday. Northwest Nexus is working on getting a new machine up in its place, but they currently estimate a 10 to 12 day downtime. The upshot of this is that none of the Anarchie bookmarks that ship with my book, The Internet Starter Kit will work, since they point at a directory on that machineShow full article

Encryption Lawsuit Filed

Encryption Lawsuit Filed -- In late February, U.C. Berkeley graduate student Daniel Bernstein, with the support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, filed suit against the U.SShow full article

Nisus and QuicKeys Lists Move

Nisus and QuicKeys Lists Move -- Fred Terry points out that the Nisus and QuicKeys mailing lists are now automated by a LISTSERV program at DartmouthShow full article

QuarkXPosure Announced

QuarkXPosure Announced -- Brent Bossom wrote to let us know about the announcement of QuarkXPosure at Macworld Tokyo last month. Jointly developed by Quark and JVC (with the core technology originally developed under Unix by JVC), QuarkXPosure is an image-editing application that uses object-oriented databases to track editing operationsShow full article

Info-Mac WAIS Databases are Back!

The WAIS-using Macintosh community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Harry Mangalam for recreating the Info-Mac WAIS databases that disappeared when Thinking Machines took down their public WAIS serverShow full article

Revving Your Browsers

Early last week, new versions of three major Macintosh World-Wide Web clients - EINet's MacWeb, NCSA Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator - hit the virtual streets with some fanfareShow full article

StarNine Focuses on Internet Servers

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. StarNine Technologies has stepped into the limelight of Macintosh-based Internet server software with its announcement at the Mactivity conference this week of plans to market new versions of the MacHTTP Web server software as WebSTAR and WebSTAR ProShow full article

Zip Zapping Away - Lookups for the United States

If you rarely call or send mail to people within the United States, the software reviewed in this article will probably be of limited interest, but if you frequently send piles of mail or talk on the phone to people in the U.S., keep reading to find out about two utilities that might help you out - TrueBASIC's ZipZAPP and Montage Software Systems' ZipQuest ProShow full article

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