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New Mac LC Based on PowerPC 603

New Mac LC Based on PowerPC 603 -- Today Apple made a series of announcements re-affirming its commitment to the education market, centering around the introduction of the Power Macintosh 5200/75 LC, the first Macintosh based on the PowerPC 603 processorShow full article

Adapter Woes

Adapter Woes -- Having trouble getting your model M5140 PowerBook AC adapter replaced? We've received several reports since last week's article (see TidBITS-269) that some representatives at Apple's technical assistance center at 800/SOS-APPL have not been sufficiently informed about the programShow full article

Emailer Licensed by Claris

Emailer Licensed by Claris -- Guy Kawasaki's Fog City Software has announced that Emailer, its email client program, will be marketed by Claris when it comes out sometime in the northern hemisphere's summerShow full article

Radius System 100 "Debuts"

Radius System 100 "Debuts" -- Last week, Radius announced limited strategic channel shipments of its System 100, a high-end Macintosh clone intended primarily for media-intensive electronic publishingShow full article

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings -- I've never internalized the concept behind Daylight Savings Time since there's the same amount of daylight no matter how you set the clock, but Macintosh users in most parts of the U.SShow full article

Global Price Drop

Global Price Drop -- Global Village Communication recently reduced the access charges for its $2,000 OneWorld Internet 28800 product see TidBITS-258). The original hourly charge of $8.95 has dropped to $3.95, thanks to the addition in July of a nationwide access network like SprintNet or the CompuServe Packet Network (until July, the lower rates apply to the current 800 number access method)Show full article

Triple Conflict: RAM Doubler, CD-ROMs, or 7.5.1?

Several TidBITS readers recently wrote in to let us know that after installing the 7.5.1 update on their Power Macs, they could no longer use or play CDs properly with RAM Doubler enabled (typical problems included not being able to play music and not being able to see files and folders on the CDs)Show full article

Duo Dock Addiction

A few owners of the Duo 270c, 280, and 280c have encountered a perplexing problem: every so often a Duo becomes "addicted" to its dock, refusing to boot unless the dock is attachedShow full article

Global Village Goes Platinum

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc. After months of speculation, Global Village Communication has shipped its 28,800 bps modem series, the TelePort Platinum and PowerPort Platinum modemsShow full article

TidBITS & Eudora

My main complaint about Steve Dorner's excellent email program Eudora is that it suffers from the 32K text limit so common to Macintosh programs. This isn't inherently Eudora's fault - after all, Steve currently uses TextEdit (a component of the Mac operating system essentially designed to handle minimal text editing in dialog boxes, scrolling lists, and so on) to provide text services, and TextEdit causes the 32K text limitShow full article

Them's Fightin' Words - Desktop Video's Legal Flamewar

When the Supreme Court of the United States recently rejected without comment Apple's long-running copyright infringement suit against Microsoft Corporation and others over the "look and feel" of the Macintosh interface, some people in the Mac community got worriedShow full article

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