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InfoSeek has made a number of changes recently that might be of interest. They've added a 20 cent per search "pay as you go" plan and a $1.95 per month for 10 free searches plan for less frequent users, brought online several new databases of information (including a database of 200,000 Web pages), made the full text of InfoWorld part of the Computer Periodicals standard collection rather than a premium collection, and created a Personal Newswire service that enables you to record and replay frequent searchesShow full article

New Heights of Anarchie

New Heights of Anarchie -- Peter Lewis has released version 1.5 of Anarchie, his highly-regarded Macintosh FTP and Archie client. Version 1.5 now includes Internet Config support, the ability to send raw FTP commands (such as the ever-useful SITE INDEX), improved Finder-like behavior in its directory windows, more complete URL support, and improved file uploading (including handling of MacBinary mode)Show full article

Internet Config 1.1

Internet Config 1.1 -- Peter Lewis and Quinn have also released Internet Config 1.1. As originally reported in TidBITS-255, Internet Config stores a central set of global Internet settings for use by Internet Config-savvy applications, such as Anarchie, NewsWatcher, and NewsHopperShow full article

Apple QuickTake 150

Apple QuickTake 150 -- Following on the mixed success of the QuickTake 100, Apple has introduced an improved version of the QuickTake in an effort to show that it's still serious about the digital camera marketShow full article

ADT Followup

My review of Aladdin Desktop Tools in TidBITS-275 prompted a number of email messages last week, a few due to an oversight about SpeedyFinder7, and a few due to points I missed or cut for space reasons. First, I must clarify that SpeedyFinder7 has been removed from distributionShow full article

Square One: Desktop Launchers, Part II of III

It's time for Part II of our three-part series on desktop launcher programs, those programs that supplement the way your Finder works by giving you tiles that represent your files, folders, and disksShow full article

Conflict Catcher 3

Casady & Greene's major upgrade of Conflict Catcher moves the previously shadowy task of system extension management to front and center. No longer content with being just an indispensable aid in ferreting out incompatible system components, Conflict Catcher 3 offers enhanced features, easy control via the menubar, and much more. Duct Tape and Baling Wire -- In earlier days, system extensions were the exception rather than the ruleShow full article

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