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Find Text Leading from Acrobat PDF

Ever have to recreate a document from an Acrobat PDF? You can find out most everything about the text by using the Object Inspector, except the leading. Well, here's a cheesy way to figure it out. Open the PDF in Illustrator (you just need one page). Release any and all clipping masks. Draw a guide at the baseline of the first line of text, and one on the line below. Now, Option-drag the first line to make a copy, and position it exactly next to the original first line at baseline. Then put a return anywhere in the copied line. Now adjust leading of the copied lines, so that the second line of copy rests on the baseline of the second line of the original. Now you know your leading.

Or you could buy expensive software to find the leading. Your choice.

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Power Mac Demand Exceeds Production

Power Mac Demand Exceeds Production -- In what might be described as the same old song on a new processor, Apple confirmed last week that it is struggling to keep up with demand for Power Macs and plans to step up productionShow full article

Stormin' Norman

Stormin' Norman -- Apple recently tapped Apple Fellow Don Norman to serve as vice president of Apple's Advanced Technology Group, which is responsible for researching and managing future Apple technologies and product designsShow full article

No, We're Just Part of the Internet

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Makes You Want To Shout

Makes You Want To Shout -- Cypress Research Corporation announced last week that Apple plans to bundle a version of its MegaPhone screen-based telephony software with new Performa 5200CD and 6200CDShow full article

Renaming of MailShare

Rex Sanders writes in regard to Apple's acquisition of Glenn Anderson's popular MailShare and its subsequent renaming (see TidBITS-284): I was at Mactivity, too, and talked to the "corporate naming weenie" at Apple who came up with "Apple Internet Mail Server." First, without naming names, I've known this guy for about five years - he isn't a weenieShow full article

Making a List: Mac List Servers Arrive

At the beginning of the year, if you wanted to subscribe to an Internet mailing list, you'd have to send a message to a mainframe or Unix-based workstation running a program like LISTSERV, Listproc, or MajordomoShow full article

The Quad-Speed Quandary

If you've paid any attention to the CD-ROM market in the last few months, you've noticed one thing: quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drives are all the rage. Third-party, quad-speed drives for the Mac have been available from manufacturers such as NEC and Sony for some time, and Apple will be including quad-speed drives in desktop MacsShow full article

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