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Power Computing Sponsoring

Power Computing Sponsoring -- We're extremely pleased to welcome our latest sponsor, Power Computing, makers of some of the first Macintosh compatible computersShow full article

Netscape 1.1N Patch for SLIP

Netscape 1.1N Patch for SLIP -- It appears that Netscape has released patchers to Netscape 1.1N which install improved networking code that should "crash less on SLIP-based connections." I'm all in favor of Netscape crashing less; however, a couple notes are in orderShow full article

New Apple AV Monitors

New Apple AV Monitors -- Today Apple announced the availability of two new AV-style monitors today at MacWorld Expo in Boston. The AppleVision 1710AV is a multisync 17-inch Trinitron with a .26 dot pitch and resolutions from 640 by 480 (67 Hz) to 1280 by 1024 pixels (75 Hz)Show full article

QuickTake 100 to 150 Upgrade

QuickTake 100 to 150 Upgrade -- Apple announced last week that owners of the QuickTake 100 digital camera can upgrade to a full QuickTake 150 for about $200 through 30-Nov-95Show full article

InterCon Releases TCP/Connect II 2.2

InterCon Releases TCP/Connect II 2.2 -- InterCon Systems announced last week it's currently shipping version 2.2 of its TCP/Connect II integrated Internet connectivity software (see TidBITS-276)Show full article

AOL 2.6 Mac Client Available

AOL 2.6 Mac Client Available -- America Online has made version 2.6 of its client software available via FTP. Version 2.6 optionally includes AOL's Web Browser - based on code from InterCon's TCP/Connect II - as well as enhancements to its client interface and bug fixesShow full article

Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, Third Edition Available

After a few months of my work, and another month of work by Hayden Books, the third edition of my book, Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, is available (ISBN 1-56830-197-9)Show full article

A Pound of Cure for the PPC Version of Microsoft Office

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and if you use (or support) the PowerPC version of Microsoft Office 4.2, consider this article an ounce of preventionShow full article

Apple Unveils Three New Power Macs

Apple today announced the availability of three new desktop machines: the Power Macintosh 8500, 7500, and 7200. These second-generation Power Macs put technology introduced in the Power Mac 9500 (see TidBITS-282) into aggressively priced packages designed for professionals and mainstream users. These machines underscore Apple's commitment to the new PCI bus (each featuring three PCI expansion slots) and DIMM memory modulesShow full article

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