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CodeWarrior 7 Set To Ship

CodeWarrior 7 Set To Ship -- Eric Gundrum writes: Sources close to Metrowerks report that the CodeWarrior 7 CD has just gone into production and is expected to begin shipping to registered users 18-Sep-95Show full article

Asleep at the Wheel

Asleep at the Wheel -- A number of folks commented last week that you can approximate some of the sleep features in the new PCI Power Macs with Sleeper, a $20 shareware control panel from StShow full article

More Update Madness

More Update Madness -- Several readers commented on Wagner Truppel's article in TidBITS-293 regarding updating your computer to System 7.5.1. Some mentioned that peculiar problems can result from not updating the drivers for hard disks and removable media (especially SyQuest cartridges) to drivers known to be compatible with the new system versionShow full article

An Apple a Day Keeps Norton Away

Last week, problem reports began circulating about troubles with Norton Disk Doctor (NDD) and newer Macintosh models, particularly new Power Macs. Symptoms include NDD reporting errors with disk directory information and allocation block sizesShow full article

AOL Revs Email System

America Online overhauled their email system a few weeks ago to better handle long messages, and to allow AOL users to send and receive files through Internet email (see TidBITS-292)Show full article

New Power Macs: Little That's Fit to Print

I've always loved my little LC II and GCC printer, but for a free-lance graphic designer, they never had enough power, even when they were new. So, when I came upon a sudden windfall of cash, I paid off my credit card and ran out to make two purchases: an HP 5MP laser printer, and a brand-new Power Mac 7200. The printer arrived first, and I happily hooked it up to my old Mac, all the while thinking, "Just wait 'til I can team this baby up with a 7200!" And my first 24 hours with the 7200 were wonderful: it ran fast as the breeze, and with few major software conflictsShow full article

QuickTime 2.1 Overview

Most Mac users have probably heard of QuickTime. It has shipped with many applications and most Mac multimedia titles for the past few years. QuickTime 2.0 is currently included with System 7.5, and as of today, version 2.1 is available online for free (also make sure to get MoviePlayer 2.1, a QT2.1-savvy version of MoviePlayer). ftp://ftp.support.apple.com//pub/apple_sw_ updates/US/mac/system_sw/other_sys_sw/ QuickTime_2.1.hqx ftp://ftp.support.apple.com//pub/apple_sw_ updates/US/mac/utils/MoviePlayer_2.1.hqx [If you have trouble getting through, try the same path at the short URL belowShow full article

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