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Apple Resumes Shipping PowerBook 5300s

Apple Resumes Shipping PowerBook 5300s -- Following the firestorm of negative publicity concerning safety problems with the batteries in its new PowerPC PowerBooks, Apple announced on 25-Sep-95 that it was resuming shipments of the 5300-series PowerBooks, having replaced the original lithium-ion battery packs with nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries originally developed for the PowerBook 190Show full article

Quarterdeck Acquires StarNine

Quarterdeck Acquires StarNine -- Hot on the heels of StarNine's acquisition of the Macintosh version of Microsoft Mail (see TidBITS-296), Quarterdeck Corporation announced on 28-Sep-95 that it has acquired StarNine for nearly 700,000 shares of Quarterdeck common stockShow full article

English DeskWriter Drivers for PCI Macs

English DeskWriter Drivers for PCI Macs -- In TidBITS-296, we noted HP has made new drivers available to address serial printing problems with DeskWriters and the new Power Mac 7200, 7500, and 9500; however, we incorrectly said these drivers were available in versions other than EnglishShow full article

Apple Paris Expo Follow-up

Apple Paris Expo Follow-up -- We gave the wrong email address for Richard Erickson in his article in TidBITS-296 on the recent Apple Expo in Paris; Ric can be reached at Show full article

Welcome to DealBITS

We've decided to try something a little different. Today's computer industry continually pressures companies to lower prices, but at the same time the price of entrance for a small business trying to make a name for itself continues to increaseShow full article

Some 7200 Impressions

As a new Power Macintosh 7200/90 owner, I wanted to pass on a few impressions and a warning. First the warning: Beware the kickstand! After opening the hinged power supply and drive assembly (which works great!), I installed extra DRAM and VRAMShow full article

Netscape 1.12 Patches Security Loophole

If you do significant work with secure transactions over the Internet using Netscape Navigator, you might want to download version 1.12 of the popular Web browser, which patches a security loophole identified by Ian Goldberg and David Wagner, two U.CShow full article

Digital Photographs as a Way of Life

Tonya and I recently acquired one of Apple's QuickTake 150 digital cameras, and it's probably the Apple device that's most affected us since the PowerBook 100 (the machine I'm using to write this, by the way)Show full article

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