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Double Your RAM

Double Your RAM -- RAM Doubler, Connectix's popular RAM-doubling utility, now doubles RAM on more Macs than ever before. The newly released version 1.6 adds compatibility with the following new Macintosh lines: Power Macintosh 7200, 7500, 8500, and 9500 PowerBook 190 and 5300 Duo 2300 Power Macintosh/Performa 5200 and 6200 If you haven't run out to buy one of the new Macintoshes, but do use RAM Doubler, you may benefit from the fixes also included in version 1.6Show full article

New Clay Basket and a Native Frontier

New Clay Basket and a Native Frontier -- Last week was a big one for Dave Winer. First, he released a new beta (1.0b5) of Clay Basket, his online outliner, bookmark handler, and (most recently) Web site manager. http://www.hotwired.com/userland/yabbadabba/ Clay Basket has numerous features that tie in with versions 1.1 and 2.0 of Netscape Navigator and (of course) FrontierShow full article

Norton Utilities 3.2

Norton Utilities 3.2 -- Symantec Corporation has announced the availability of Norton Utilities 3.2 for Macintosh, which enables the disk-recovery and protection package to operate on volumes up to two terabytes in sizeShow full article

Macworld Removes Sign-Ins

Macworld Removes Sign-Ins -- In a welcome move, Macworld magazine has eliminated the sign-in and authentication requirements for many areas of its much-promoted Web site (including current and back issues of Macworld magazine), although authentication is still required for message boards and vendor-based areasShow full article

Macjordomo 1.0b6

Macjordomo 1.0b6 has been released by its author, Michele Fuortes. The free mailing list server software for Macintosh includes many of the popular features of products like LISTSERV, ListSTAR, and Majordomo (for which Macjordomo is named), including automatic or manual subscribe and unsubscribe features, message digests, and file retrievalShow full article

Apple Introduces & Updates Monitors

Apple Introduces & Updates Monitors -- Apple recently announced the Multiple Scan 1705, an MPR II and Energy Star compliant 17-inch multi-sync monitor that can handle resolutions up to 1024 by 768 at 75 Hz (or 1280 by 1024 at 60 Hz)Show full article

Swoop to Victory

Swoop to Victory -- If you don't suffer from repetitive strain injuries and need an excuse to play more video games, check out Swoop, a $15 shareware program written by David Wareing and distributed by Ambrosia SoftwareShow full article

Power Computing Announces High-End Mac Clones

Power Computing today introduced their PowerWave product line, which currently consists of three new Mac clones built around the PowerPC 604 CPU, one of which will run at 150 MHz and potentially be the fastest Macintosh availableShow full article

Cogito AirGo Wireless

It's not the first cellular modem PC Card for PowerBooks and other laptops, but the AirGo PhoneCard, announced today, is the first with a unique combination of data, fax, and voice capabilities for cellular and land-line communicationsShow full article

You Move Me

Tonya and I just moved, and although moving is a traumatic experience in the best of times, it gets hairy when you try to move computers and not have much down timeShow full article

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