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We're taking the next two weeks off, so don't look for TidBITS until the 08-Jan-96 issue. Happy holidays to you all, and may all your wishes come trueShow full article

PageMill Demo

PageMill Demo -- Intrigued by my PageMill review in TidBITS-305? Try the demo! The demo appears to be fully functional, except it cannot save or printShow full article

Gartner Tech Support Study Online

Gartner Tech Support Study Online -- Back in TidBITS-299, we reported on a study by the Gartner Group that found technical support costs for Macs lower than those for Windows machinesShow full article

Symantec Announces Java Tools

Symantec Announces Java Tools -- Not to be left out of the Java frenzy sweeping the Internet, Symantec announced last week it has licensed the Java language technology from Sun Microsystems and released a Java development environment for Windows called EspressoShow full article

Not All that Flickers is Gold

Not All that Flickers is Gold -- There have recently been numerous reports of video flickering and color distortion in 5200-series Performas and LCs - particularly distressing to owners because the built-in monitors can't be detached for serviceShow full article

More Secure Mac Web Servers

More Secure Mac Web Servers -- StarNine recently released the $1,295 WebSTAR SSL Security Toolkit. The Security Toolkit includes WebSTAR/SSL, a version of WebSTAR that uses the open-standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol developed by Netscape Communications and RSA TechnologiesShow full article

It Takes Two to Tango

It Takes Two to Tango -- Web site developers may be interested in Tango, a new product from EveryWare Development. Tango enables Mac-based Web servers like WebSTAR to communicate with Butler SQL, EveryWare's relational databaseShow full article

PPP Comments & Updates

PPP Comments & Updates -- Travis Butler passed on a summary of the messages he received about his two-part PPP overview starting in TidBITS-306: Many comments concerned the now-defunct MacPPP 2.2.0aShow full article

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights -- David K. Dean writes: I'd like to recommend Holiday Lights 3.0 from Robert Matthews of Tiger Technologies. It started out as Xmas Lights 1.0, then changed to Christmas Lights 1.0 (from the now-defunct Atticus Software), and has now become Holiday Lights 3.0Show full article

Shopping Online

Shopping has changed a bit over the last year thanks to all the retailers appearing on the Web. In 1993, sales via the Internet were estimated to total about $100,000; in 1995, that figure should be over $70 million, and current estimates for 1996 are over $500 millionShow full article

Retro Software: Everything Old Is New Again

Although I own several compact discs by Journey and have been known to watch re-runs of Family Ties, I never thought I'd be nostalgic for the bad graphics and jerky animation of those Atari 2600 video games which appeared under the Christmas tree when I was a pre-teenShow full article

The Short Unhappy Life of Online in Europe

At the beginning of 1995, there was one pan-European online service: CompuServe. Since then, Europe has seen announcements of three new online services, but as the year draws to a close only two exist: CompuServe and America OnlineShow full article

Quicken 6 Follow-up

[This a follow-up to Steve's Quicken 6 review from TidBITS-299. -Geoff] Quicken 6 users should be aware of several bugs. Quicken's Portfolio window includes several performance calculations that may produce inaccurate or misleading resultsShow full article

10th Annual SF Macworld Netter's Dinner

For ten years we've been gathering a herd of nerds and feeding ourselves at the Hunan in San Francisco (on Sansome at Broadway). This year we have something new: online registration and payment. http://iw.cts.com/~jonpugh/nettersdinner.html ftp://iw.cts.com/public/JonPugh/ RegisterNettersDinner.hqx Due to the phenomenal 50 percent no-show last year, we had to do something about the low turnoutShow full article

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