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PowerBook 2300c Trackpad Fix

PowerBook 2300c Trackpad Fix -- Last week Apple released the PowerBook 2300c Update which is supposed to ensure the PowerBook's trackpad works correctlyShow full article

Quicken Online Banking Updater

Quicken Online Banking Updater -- Last week, Intuit released the Online Banking Updater for Quicken 6.0, which updates Quicken 6 from R2 to R5. The package includes an updater application plus new versions of some files that ship with QuickenShow full article

WorldWrite 3.0 for the Mac ships

WorldWrite 3.0 for the Mac ships -- WorldWrite has been around outside the United States for two versions, but version 3.0 is now available for general worldwide consumption at a list price of $99 or $149Show full article

Going Where Someone has Gone Before

Going Where Someone has Gone Before -- In my overview of the Mac version of Microsoft Internet Explorer in TidBITS-311, I mentioned that Explorer was ahead of other browsers in handling a variety of audio formats and QuickTime movies without helper applicationsShow full article

The TidBITS Server Move

We moved our main Internet server on 25-Jan-96. It had been at our old house, connected to the Internet through the 56K frame relay line that we'd set up while we were living thereShow full article

The Sun Also Hovers

Last Tuesday, the Mac world went into a tailspin when the Wall Street Journal reported on Sun Microsystems' efforts to buy Apple, saying that a deal was "imminent" between the two companiesShow full article

Price Drops Launch Performa Promotion

As part of their Power Payback promotion, Apple has begun a "Performa + Printer = Payback" rebate offer that returns $150 to anyone in the U.SShow full article

Word Macro Viruses Still Out There

In TidBITS-292, we reported on a cross-platform virus written in WordBasic that affected some users of Microsoft Word 6.0, mostly on non-Macintosh platformsShow full article

Invisible Universe

"Amusing and educational" - if you could sum up my life after I'm gone, I hope both of these words could be used, and it always delights me when others follow these preceptsShow full article

Get Your Hands on Prograph

This past August, Pictorius, a company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, announced plans to release a freeware version of its flagship product, Prograph. The version appeared in the Info-Mac archive in early NovemberShow full article

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