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Internet Explorer 2.0b3

Internet Explorer 2.0b3 -- Microsoft released beta 3 of Internet Explorer last week. The release includes support for Netscape plug-ins, Internet Config, and GIF animations, as well as an enhanced History feature and support for inline QuickTime movies without a plug-inShow full article

Free Java Tools for Symantec C++

Free Java Tools for Symantec C++ -- Symantec released its first set of Macintosh Java development tools (codenamed Caffeine) for Symantec C++. Caffeine is free to Symantec C++ customers, and integrates Sun's virtual machine, Java compiler, and other components of Sun's Macintosh Java Development Kit into the Symantec Project Manager, letting users create and compile Java applets, then run them in Sun's Java Applet viewerShow full article

Apple Recalling Early PowerBook 5300s

Apple Recalling Early PowerBook 5300s -- MacWEEK reports that Apple is quietly recalling some early PowerBook 5300s shipped on or before 12-Nov-95 and with serial numbers at FC545 or lowerShow full article

Help Apple's Internet Story

In TidBITS-311 I wrote about a dinner Apple gave at Macworld Expo to solicit feedback from various Internet folks. In that article I said Apple planned to set up a way for you to provide your opinion on how Apple should market the Mac as an Internet machineShow full article

Serving Up Servers

Last week Apple announced a slew of new servers, ranging from the high-end Network Servers to the second release of the popular Apple Internet Server Solution machinesShow full article

Web Authoring Update

Although much of the Web authoring software available a year ago rated as depressingly mediocre, some tools coming out now are rather good. This last month saw the release of a number of new products and updates to existing tools, and I anticipate the next few months will feature a fast and furious overturning of who's who in the Web authoring worldShow full article

Macintosh Web Security Challenge Results

In the beginning, the concept was simple: pay $10,000 to anyone who could bypass the security on a Macintosh Web server using only off-the-shelf software to protect the system (see TidBITS-303)Show full article

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