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RAM Doubler 2 Coming

RAM Doubler 2 Coming -- Connectix has announced that it expects to ship RAM Doubler 2 in time for Macworld Boston this August. Among other changes, RAM Doubler 2 will offer a control panel interface, a faster compression engine, and allow users to triple the amount of memory your Macintosh thinks it has availableShow full article

Retrospect 3.0A Updater

Retrospect 3.0A Updater -- Dantz has finally released the 3.0A update to its popular backup program Retrospect. The new version adds support for Windows Remotes, so you can now back up Windows machines on your network using RetrospectShow full article

Web Updates and Utilities

With the Mactivity conference happening this week, there has been a ton of Web-related activity in the Macintosh world. Here are a few of the early announcements along with some news about security issues in MacHTTP and WebSTARShow full article

Power to the Masses from Microsoft

Registered users of Microsoft's Excel 5, PowerPoint 4, Word 6, or Office 4 should keep an eye on their mail for a free CD-ROM, called the Microsoft Empowerment Pack for the MacintoshShow full article

Claris OfficeMail Debuts

Claris OfficeMail is an interesting solution to the email problems of many small offices and schools. These groups want and need to use email to communicate within their organizations and, given the undeniable utility of Internet email, they also want to be able to send and receive mail from the InternetShow full article

Keeping Robots Out of Your Corner of the Net

Search engines and searching tools have become ubiquitous on the Internet. People flock to search engine sites in order to find information quickly, and the information available comes with startling breadth and depthShow full article

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