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Small Apple Loss Better Than Expected

Small Apple Loss Better Than Expected -- Last week, Apple released financial results for its third quarter of 1996, recording a loss of $32 million. Though $32 million is a lot of money, it's important to note that Wall Street was expecting Apple to post a loss three to ten times larger than that, although Apple fudged its balance sheet a bit through a one-time sale of holdings in America Online and another one-time tax benefitShow full article

Power Computing Announces High-End 604e-based Macs

Power Computing Announces High-End 604e-based Macs -- Power Computing has announced its new PowerTower Pro line, the first computers to feature the PowerPC 604e processorShow full article

Speed Doubler 1.3

Speed Doubler 1.3 -- Connectix has released Speed Doubler 1.3, a maintenance release containing fixes for Speed Emulator and (particularly) Speed CopyShow full article

HyperCard 2.3.5 Updater

HyperCard 2.3.5 Updater -- Apple has finally released an updater to version 2.3.5 of HyperCard, catching up with the previous releases of version 2.3.5 of some HyperCard stacks and the HyperCard PlayerShow full article

The Big Mailing List Move!

Consider this an alert from your TidBITS early warning system. Sometime in the next few weeks, we're going to move the TidBITS mailing list from the LISTSERV at Rice University to a Power Mac 7100/80 running ListSTAR/SMTP and FileMaker Pro 3.0 with some glue provided by other tools and applicationsShow full article

More New Net Announcements

Last week we wrote about a couple of new programs that were announced for the Mactivity show down in San Jose last week. That was just the tip of the iceberg, though, and we've looked at a number of other announcements in the meantime. LogDoor Clarification -- First, a clarification from last weekShow full article

Go Live with Golive

Although some Web authors have settled down happily with programs like BBEdit, PageSpinner, and PageMill, others are still seeking the Holy Grail of the perfect Web authoring programShow full article

Apples on the Horizon

There are about a thousand half-truths about the computer industry, but there's only one law: new machines will appear any day now. Apple has been doing such a poor job of keeping some forthcoming models secret that I felt some general notes were appropriateShow full article

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