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As we start 1997, I want to express our thanks for your votes in the American Journalism Review's Top 50 news sites poll. They arrived in sufficient numbers to place TidBITS 17th out of 50 news sites, ahead of sites such as MSNBC and HotWiredShow full article

Fourth Down, $100 Million To Go

Fourth Down, $100 Million To Go -- Following a surprise $25 million profit during its last fiscal quarter, Apple said it expects a loss of between $100 to $150 million for the first fiscal quarter ending 27-Dec-96Show full article

More Power from the P.O.

More Power from the P.O. The world of Macintosh mailing list managers just became more compelling with the release of StarNine's ListSTAR 1.1 and Fog City Software's LetterRip 1.0Show full article

RAM Doubler 2.0.1

RAM Doubler 2.0.1 -- Connectix has released an update to RAM Doubler 2.0, its popular utility program that doubles (or triples) the amount of memory your Mac thinks it has available (see TidBITS-351)Show full article

FileMaker 3.0v4

FileMaker 3.0v4 -- Claris has released an update to FileMaker Pro 3.0, which fixes a number of memory leaks using Apple events and other minor problems with record selection, portals, printing, and moreShow full article

Netting an Error

Netting an Error -- In TidBITS-359, I incorrectly noted that the Netter's dinner at the upcoming San Francisco Macworld Expo will be on Wednesday, January 7thShow full article

The NeXT Thing for Apple

On Friday, December 20th, we were packing up for Christmas vacation when the rumors of Apple buying NeXT started in earnest. By evening, when rumors coalesced into reality with an Apple-organized press conference, we were eating dinner and leaving for the airportShow full article

What System Comes NeXT?

Apple marked its 20th anniversary with a major change in direction: the acquisition of NeXT Software. Although Apple highlights five rather abstract points behind its acquisition of NeXT, most of the Macintosh community is concerned with two things: what a Apple-NeXT operating system will do, and when it can be delivered. First, a caveat: don't expect a definitive evaluation of the Apple-NeXT merger from TidBITS - or any industry publication - for some timeShow full article

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