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View Silver Screen Media on Your Apple TV from another Disk

Want to watch movies via Silver Screen that aren't in your Movies folder? Just create an alias in your Movies directory and select that as your Media Directory in Silver Screen's preferences. It will even be automatically mounted if needed when the folder is browsed in Silver Screen. To make the alias, mount the server or other disk in the Finder, locate the folder containing the movies and Command-Option-drag the folder's icon into your Movies directory.

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Newton News

Newton News -- In the wake of Apple's latest reorganization and cost-cutting measures, several news sources reported that Apple might ditch its Newton divisionShow full article

Roizen Leaves Apple

Roizen Leaves Apple -- Heidi Roizen, Apple's vice president of Developer Relations, has announced she'll be leaving Apple on 19-Feb-97 to commit more time to her familyShow full article

Eudora 3.0.2

Eudora 3.0.2 -- Qualcomm has released final versions of both Eudora Light and Eudora Pro 3.0.2. According to Qualcomm, these versions fix problems with nickname file corruption, along with problems with attachments, URL handling, and Eudora's editorShow full article

Get Rich Quick?

Get Rich Quick? Inspired by last year's $10,000 Macintosh Web server security challenge (see TidBITS-317), Sweden's Joakim Jardenberg is conducting a Macintosh Web server "Crack a Mac" challengeShow full article

OpenDoc Open for Business

In the past, TidBITS has discussed OpenDoc and the promise of component software, but I think this year's recent Macworld Expo in San Francisco marked the turning point for OpenDoc as a useful technologyShow full article

More About Rapid-I

Tucked in the middle of the Component 100 booth at Macworld Expo was a family-owned business that best exemplifies why OpenDoc is important to anyone struggling with bloated softwareShow full article

BBEdit 4.0.2: Speaks Softly but Carries a Big Stick

Over the past several years, Bare Bones Software's BBEdit has matured from an essentials-only programmer's text editor to a terrific, mature product. BBEdit 4.02 stands out as a highly useful tool, especially for programmers and HTML enthusiasts, as well as for those creating long documents that don't require many page layout features. Speaks Softly -- With its 1 MB RAM allocation and 1.7 MB disk footprint, BBEdit doesn't require nearly the system resources of a modern word processorShow full article

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