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QuickTake 200

QuickTake 200 -- Apple announced the QuickTake 200, which briefly catches Apple up with the digital photography industry. The QuickTake 200 features a 1.8-inch LCD display that serves as a viewfinder and a means of viewing photos, along with NTSC video output and the ability to function as a video conferencing cameraShow full article

Apple Introduces New Macs

Today at Macworld Expo Tokyo, Apple announced a new set of Macs, some of which give existing machines a speed bump and minor redesigns, one of which targets the Mac clone market, and one of which will make some PowerBook users green with envy. Power Macs -- At the high end come the Power Macintosh 9600/233 and 9600/200MP, which are enhancements to Apple's 9500 series with faster versions of the 604eShow full article

Macworld Mac Secrets, Fourth Edition

With any new Macintosh book, I evaluate its worth on how quickly I can locate valuable information that I can use immediately. Macworld Mac Secrets, Fourth Edition, by David Pogue and Joseph Schorr, rewarded me with these morsels: I was helping a friend do diagnostic work on her Quadra 605 and PowerBook 140Show full article

Tied Down No More: The Ricochet Wireless Modem

I'm a big fan of "cafe computing." I don't mean going to a cybercafe, where the coffee-stained hardware is already there and waiting, or a trendy coffee mega-chain where an open laptop advertises pseudo-geek chicShow full article

The Microsoftization of Deneba: Canvas 5.0.1

Although I'm no artist, I do need to make diagrams and pictures occasionally, and the early surprise and pleasure of MacPaint and MacDraw helped define the Macintosh for meShow full article

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