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Apple Posts $708 Million Loss

Apple Posts $708 Million Loss -- As readers in the United States agonized over their tax forms last week, the folks at Apple found themselves staring at a $708 million quarterly loss, the second worst showing in Apple's historyShow full article

Apple Price Cuts

Apple Price Cuts -- Last week, Apple announced $200 price cuts on Performa 6360 and 6400-series computers, but (more significantly) cut some prices in the PowerBook 1400 line by more than 30 percentShow full article

GoLive Lives On

GoLive Lives On -- Last week, GoLive Systems shipped GoLive CyberStudio, currently at version 1.0.1. Although the $349 suggested retail price puts CyberStudio out of reach for casual Web authors, it offers a promising WYSIWYG alternative for professional authors, especially those who create visually rich Web sites, frequently employ plug-ins, or would appreciate a built-in JavaScript editor with color syntax checking. CyberStudio retains the elegant look of its predecessor, GoLive Pro (see TidBITS-337), and adds many important featuresShow full article

Jeremy's CSM Updated

Jeremy's CSM Updated -- Jeremy Kezer has released version 1.6.4 of Jeremy's Control Strip Modules, a $10 shareware collection of tiny, helpful tools. These tools consist of both new and replacement control strip modules for Apple's Control Strip, that ubiquitous utility that made its debut on PowerBooks a few years ago and is now available for desktop computers as wellShow full article

DigitalThink and Electronic Courses

As most of you probably know, along with TidBITS, I also earn a living writing books, the best known of which is Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh. What's ironic for me as an Internet book author is that the Internet I've helped to popularize has seriously altered the market for computer booksShow full article

Onward Online Soldier: OAK, the Essential Batch Spelling Checker

Late last year, I reviewed Casady & Greene's Spell Catcher, a handy utility that helps with spelling and other writing tasks (see TidBITS-353). I was particularly taken with the fact that I could set up its user dictionary and Interactive Checking glossary once, and then use them in any program - words I taught the user dictionary while in my word processor would also be understood when I spell checked an email messageShow full article

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