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Antitrust Lawsuits Filed Against Microsoft

Antitrust Lawsuits Filed Against Microsoft -- After settlement talks collapsed this weekend, the United States Department of Justice and 20 states have filed closely related antitrust lawsuits against MicrosoftShow full article

Farewell MacWEEK, Welcome e/media Weekly

Farewell MacWEEK, Welcome e/media Weekly -- Mac Publishing announced that as of the 24-Aug-98 issue, MacWEEK will change its name to e/media Weekly (or Emedia Weekly, or EMedia Weekly, depending on the source you read)Show full article

Internet Explorer 4.01: Faster, More Stable

Internet Explorer 4.01: Faster, More Stable -- Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 4.01, a must-have upgrade for Internet Explorer users. Although there's only a single new feature - support for Apple's ColorSync technology so specially created JPEG images are displayed exactly as their creators intended - Internet Explorer 4.01 incorporates numerous bug fixes and speed improvementsShow full article

New Photoshop 5 Learns to Edit Type

New Photoshop 5 Learns to Edit Type -- It's taken several years, but finally Photoshop's Type tool behaves like... a Type tool! Photoshop 5, the new version of Adobe's undisputed leader among image-editing applications, began shipping last week with support for editable text; in previous versions, text entered in the Type dialog box was rasterized directly to pixels, which you then had to alter using Photoshop's image toolsShow full article

CyberStudio 3 Goes Live

CyberStudio 3 Goes Live -- As the Web design industry evolves, companies offering Web page creation tools are discovering that designers want to build sites with WYSIWYG editors - and they also want to manipulate the resulting code by handShow full article

Apple Logo Losing Its Colors

Apple Logo Losing Its Colors -- Apple loyalists will no longer be able to claim they "bleed in six colors." According to Time, Apple is peeling away the six rainbow-colored bands from the Apple logo and replacing them with "white or another solid," such as blue for the iMacShow full article

AutoShare 2.3 Released

AutoShare 2.3 Released -- Mikael Hansen has released version 2.3 of AutoShare, his freeware mailing list manager and autoresponder. The main new feature is support for the "-on" and "-off" addresses that we helped popularize with the TidBITS list for easy subscribing and unsubscribingShow full article

Crossed Chips and Cables

Crossed Chips and Cables -- In TidBITS-429, the excitement of new PowerBooks and a forthcoming PalmPilot MacPac caused Managing Editor Jeff Carlson's personal wires to suffer a temporary shortShow full article

Apple Revises QuickTime 3 Licensing

In a move sure to be welcomed by developers and users, Apple has announced plans to revise QuickTime 3 licensing policies (see "Furor Over Developer Programs & QuickTime Licensing" in TidBITS-425)Show full article

Look Different: Excellence in Apple Design

If you've seen pictures of Apple's new iMac, you probably didn't start talking about its G3 processor or USB ports. No, conversations about the new consumer Mac sound more like: "It's an X-Wing pilot's helmet." "It's a half-melted blue gumdrop on its side." "A big lozenge?" "You know, a roundy-looking, marshmallowish, translucent glob for the rest of us." Although it's been only a short time since the iMac's introduction, the machine is already on people's minds - without the benefit of hands-on experience, application-specific benchmarks, or formal product reviews; the little computer isn't even shipping for another 90 daysShow full article

Mac OS X: Rhapsody a Mac Developer Could Love

Last week during his keynote address at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs outlined Apple's plans for Mac OS 8 and Rhapsody and introduced two new elements: the Carbon API and Mac OS X ("Ten")Show full article

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