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Graphics Accelerator Trojan Horse

Graphics Accelerator Trojan Horse -- An extension posted to the Info-Mac Archive on 25-Sep-98 has been identified as a destructive Trojan Horse/virus combinationShow full article

Digital River Sponsoring TidBITS

Digital River Sponsoring TidBITS -- We're pleased to welcome our latest sponsor, Digital River. For the most part, Digital River keeps a low profile, because they're in the business of helping companies sell electronic versions of software that can be sold online and downloaded, rather than being distributed via on physical media in shrinkwrapped boxesShow full article

Illustrator 8.0 Draws Upon New Features

Illustrator 8.0 Draws Upon New Features -- Adobe released Illustrator 8.0 today, boosting its stalwart drawing program with a number of new features and interoperability enhancementsShow full article

Free WebSTAR 2.1.1 Update from StarNine

Free WebSTAR 2.1.1 Update from StarNine -- Although the current version of StarNine's widely used Mac OS Web server is 3.0.1, StarNine has held to its promise to release a free bug-fix update for WebSTAR 2.x customersShow full article

TidBITS Translations Hit Milestones

As the peaks and valleys of the stock market have reminded the United States media of late, we live in a global economy. To those of us who spend many of our waking hours on the Internet, that's nothing new - some of our best friends live on other continents. But every now and then, something happens to bring this globalism to the fore and gives us the chance to cast the spotlight on several groups of volunteers whose work makes a tremendous differenceShow full article

California Outlaws Spam

Joining the U.S. states of Nevada and Washington, California has now passed two bills regarding spam, both of which go into effect on 01-Jan-99. The Bowen bill requires spammers to make spam easier to identify and filter by labeling it with "ADV:" in the subject line; adult-oriented spam must use "ADV:ADLT"Show full article

Anarchie (Pro) Continues to Rule

This month saw the long-awaited release of Anarchie Pro 3.0 from Peter Lewis and Stairways Software. Anarchie, an FTP client, has been an essential part of many people's Internet tool kits for yearsShow full article

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