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Delete All Comments in Word in a Flash

You needn't clear comments in a Word document one by one. Instead, bring out the big guns to delete all of them at once:

1. Chose Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts.

2. Under Categories, select Tools.

3. Under Commands, select DeleteAllCommentsInDoc.

4. With the insertion point in the "Press new keyboard shortcut" field, press keys to create a keyboard shortcut. (I use Control-7)

5. Click the Assign button.

6. Click OK.

You can now press your keyboard shortcut to zap out the comments.

The steps above work in Word 2008; they likely work nearly as described in older versions of Word.

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Welcome to our 1999 Holiday Gift Issue, which is full of great gift ideas from TidBITS readers. Although most are related to the Macintosh, we've found Mac users to be a broad-minded community, so we were happy to include ideas that fell somewhat outside our standard focusShow full article

1999 Hardware Gift Ideas

Speed Up Your Internet Access -- Frederic Brehm suggests something we could all use: faster Internet access. His solution was to install a cable modemShow full article

1999 Software Gift Ideas

Put Time on Your Side -- We could definitely use a gift of free time, but in the meantime Fred Miller suggests using MultiTimer Pro to track the time you're currently usingShow full article

1999 Gaming Gift Ideas

Get Goofy over Golf -- Lisa Thompson recommends Goofy Golf Deluxe ($25, demo available) as an alternative to shoot-em-up titles. "Goofy Golf Deluxe should be enjoyed by many users - except maybe those who don't bother with bloodless games or who have some aversion to miniature golfShow full article

1999 Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

Handsome Prints -- Herouth Maoz writes, " is an excellent idea for all kinds of interesting, custom-made gifts. You pick an item (t-shirt, babywear, mousepad, mug, etc.), and custom design it, either with ready-made graphics or with ones you upload yourselfShow full article

1999 Gift Ideas for the Macintosh-Minded

TiVo Killed the Video Star -- Omar Shahine writes, "For me a TiVo (essentially a digital VCR that records to hard disk) is the killer app - it completely changes the way you think about viewing television! It is truly a fascinating deviceShow full article

Gifts That Help Support TidBITS

We hope you've enjoyed this year's suggestions, and we'd like to close with a few that would make great gifts and would help support TidBITS at the same time. TidBITS Staff -- Frankly, the main reason we can put out TidBITS each week is because the people we have working on TidBITS are truly exceptionalShow full article

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