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Apple Offers Rebates on PowerBooks and G4 Cubes

Apple Offers Rebates on PowerBooks and G4 Cubes -- Less than two weeks after warning of lower-than-expected earnings for its fourth fiscal quarter and a dramatic downturn in its share price, Apple Computer has rolled out rebate programs for new PowerBooks and G4 Cubes purchased through dealers or the online Apple StoreShow full article

QuickTime 5 Preview Available

QuickTime 5 Preview Available -- Apple unveiled a public preview release of QuickTime 5 for the Mac OS at the QuickTime Live conference in Los Angeles - although the preview is usable only by folks who upgraded to QuickTime ProShow full article

Poll Results: Running for Office?

Poll Results: Running for Office? If the response to last week's poll asking if people planned to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2001 (and if so, why) is any indication, the Microsoft folks have their marketing work cut out for themShow full article

Quiz Preview: I Nix, We Nix, Unix

Quiz Preview: I Nix, We Nix, Unix -- Much is being made of Mac OS X's Unix underpinnings. But is Unix really all that new a thing for Apple? This week's quiz tests your knowledge of Apple's dalliance with Unix - just how many Unix-derived operating systems has Apple released over the yearsShow full article

To iBook or PowerBook?

Apple's September introduction of new iBook models brought the iBook's capabilities so much closer to those of the more-expensive PowerBook G3 that it became a difficult choice when I recently decided to replace my aging PowerBook 1400Show full article

Piercing the Babel: Online Translation for the Masses

The Internet is global in reach, but most Web sites are in English. This is changing as other countries adopt the Internet with the same fervor as English-speaking nations, but it will take time to catch upShow full article

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