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Mighty Mouse as Application Switcher

Looking for an easier way to switch between multiple applications? Within Keyboard and Mouse Preferences under System Preferences, you can configure the scroll wheel to act as an Application Switcher. Press the scroll button to bring up Application Switcher, scroll to toggle to the application you want, and hit the scroll button again to switch. You can also double-click the scroll button to quickly switch to the previously active application.

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RAM Doubler 9.0.1 Fixes Office Incompatibility

RAM Doubler 9.0.1 Fixes Office Incompatibility -- Connectix has released RAM Doubler 9.0.1, which corrects an incompatibility with Microsoft Office 2001 that we noted while reviewing Word 2001 in TidBITS-552Show full article

GraphicConverter 4.0 Continues Image Excellence

GraphicConverter 4.0 Continues Image Excellence -- You'd never guess there existed so many graphic file formats without looking at the revision history of Lemke Software's GraphicConverterShow full article

Poll Preview: To Go Forward, You Must...

Poll Preview: To Go Forward, You Must... In this issue, Adam relates the perplexing story of tracking down how to stop a Mac from connecting to remote servers at startupShow full article

Tools We Use: TypeTamer Returns

Back in 1995, Tonya wrote about Impossible Software's font utility TypeTamer 1.0; the following year I bought a copy at Macworld Expo, and loved it. In 1998 I began to encounter some application conflicts, and as machines, systems, and applications advanced still further, I had to abandon it entirelyShow full article

Mac P&L Makes Accounting Easy

There's a valuable axiom to consider when deciding whether to buy a Mac or PC for your business: "First, find the software that meets your needs and then decide on the hardware." The best computer in the world is useless if it won't work with the software you need. It's interesting how some perceptions don't change over the years, even if they aren't accurateShow full article

Mounting and Dismounting AppleShare Servers

One of the strengths of the Mac OS has long been its seamless networking with AppleShare or Personal File Sharing servers. Or rather, the seams aren't particularly apparent when you're using one of these servers - there's little you can do on a local hard disk that doesn't work the same on a remote server volumeShow full article

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