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Another Retrospect 5.0 Update Fixes More Problems

Another Retrospect 5.0 Update Fixes More Problems -- Dantz Development has released another update to Retrospect 5.0, fixing two problems. In all editions of Retrospect, the 5.0.205 update fixes a problem that caused a crash when scanning icons and privileges of files with names longer than 31 charactersShow full article

4D Updates WebSTAR 4.5 for Mac OS 9

4D Updates WebSTAR 4.5 for Mac OS 9 -- Kudos to 4D for releasing WebSTAR Server Suite 4.5 for Mac OS 9 users today. Despite focusing attention on the Mac OS X-compatible WebSTAR V (which still lacks the email server component of WebSTAR 4.5), 4D took the time to decarbonize the Web server in WebSTAR 4.5 to improve performance and eliminate memory leaksShow full article

Apple Rolls Out Education eMac and Faster PowerBooks

A scant four months after announcing the death of the CRT in favor of flat-panel LCD displays, Apple today introduced the eMac, an all-in-one G4-based Macintosh strictly for the education market - and to keep costs down, the eMac is built around a 17-inch CRT display supporting resolutions up to 1,280 by 960 pixels. On the outside, the all-white eMac looks much like the original iMac, and its roughly similar footprint means it will fit on existing furniture, despite having a larger screenShow full article

Was Bill Gates Lying?

[A quick refresher in the Microsoft antitrust case. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson found that Microsoft was indeed a monopoly and ordered the company broken upShow full article

Top Mac OS X Utilities: Alternative Controls

In the previous installment of this series on Mac OS X utilities, I looked at Mac OS X programs that restored common capabilities provided by third party utilities in Mac OS 9Show full article

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