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PowerMail 4.0 Beefs Up Mail Handling

PowerMail 4.0 Beefs Up Mail Handling -- Despite Apple bundling Mail with every copy of Mac OS X, email developers continue to forge ahead, with the latest major release coming from Swiss company CTM DevelopmentShow full article

Security Update 2002-08-02 Closes Unix Holes

Security Update 2002-08-02 Closes Unix Holes -- Apple has released yet another security update for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, fixing vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, the Apache mod_ssl module, and the Sun RPC XDR decoderShow full article

PopChar X 1.2 Opens a New Window

PopChar X 1.2 Opens a New Window -- Version 1.2 of ergonis software's PopChar X brilliantly eradicates the shortcomings noted in "Snap, Crackle, and PopChar X" in TidBITS-631Show full article

MacHax Best Hack Contest CD 2002 Now Available

MacHax Best Hack Contest CD 2002 Now Available -- Want to see some cool hacks? The 2002 MacHax Best Hack Contest CD is now available directly from the MacHax Group for $20 plus shipping and handlingShow full article

Digital Photography Cruise

Digital Photography Cruise -- If your appetite for cruise-based conferences was whetted by our coverage of the Mac Mania Geek Cruise, you might want to check out the upcoming Digital Photography Workshop at Sea, especially since the lead instructor is Arthur Bleich, a frequent contributor to TidBITS on digital photography topicsShow full article

Intuit's QuickBooks Employs FUD Against MYOB

Intuit today announced that it is developing QuickBooks Pro 5.0 for Mac OS X, to be available in the first quarter of 2003. What does it do? Intuit won't say, other than that it runs natively in Mac OS X and Mac OS 9Show full article

Get It Rolling with the RollerMouse

Those of you who have been reading TidBITS for years may remember that back in 1992, I had a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome. I beat it with proper ergonomics and addressing the psychological stresses in my life, but I've retained a fascination with alternative keyboards and pointing devices that promise to reduce pain from repetitive stress injuries. So, when I saw a press release from Contour Design claiming that their RollerMouse Station reduced discomfort and pain by 47 percent in the call center of a major U.SShow full article

Two Books on Mac OS X

When I started using Mac OS X, back in the days of the public beta, I was both confused and disappointed. The habits and familiarity I had developed over more than a decade working with Macs had been tossed by the waysideShow full article

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