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In an industry where everything changes constantly, it's good to have a few traditions, and one of ours is this annual double-size gift issue. Filled with numerous gift suggestions from TidBITS readers, it's safe to say that there's something for everyone here, even if they're not a Mac userShow full article

2002 Hardware Gift Ideas

We doubt anyone would object to receiving a snazzy new iMac, PowerBook, iBook, or Power Mac as a gift this season (certainly not your humble editors). But this year's hardware gift suggestions focused on peripherals ranging from essential additions (better mice, more storage) to clever spins on mundane devices (a FireWire-breathing thunder lizard). For a few more ideas, be sure to check out past hardware gift suggestions; everything on last year's list would still be welcome to most Mac usersShow full article

2002 Software Gift Ideas

It doesn't matter type of Mac you own, old or new, you're running a wide variety of software. This year's suggestions ranged from software that makes you more productive to enhancements that tailor your Mac experience to your own tastes. Don't assume that software gift ideas from previous years are irrelevant just because almost all new development is being done for Mac OS XShow full article

2002 Gaming Gift Ideas

We rarely find time to delve into the fantasy world of computer games, but our readers came through with a number of suggestions for their favorite gamesShow full article

2002 Miscellaneous Gift Ideas

This portion of our annual gift issue is one of our favorites, since it's where readers suggest neat little accoutrements that may be inexpensive or even obvious, but which can make a real difference in everyday computer useShow full article

2002 Gift Ideas for the Macintosh-minded

Every year, we receive a number of gift suggestions that are completely unrelated to the Macintosh. But since that matches the incredibly varied interests of our readers, we're happy to go with the flow once againShow full article

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