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Remove Excess Audio/Video from a Pear Note

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you used Pear Note to record a class or meeting, then forgot to stop the recording and ended up with an extra few hours that you didn't want, don't worry. You can crop off the extra recording. Just move the playhead to the end of what you want to keep, then select Crop Recording From Here from the Edit menu.

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Font Converters Details

Battle of the Font Converters Article by Ken Hancock, (c) 1991 Ken Hancock Tests by Ken Hancock and Dave Platt Metamorphosis Professional 2.0 Altsys Corporation 269 WShow full article

Metamorphosis Professional

Metamorphosis was the premiere font conversion utility for the Macintosh and has only gotten better now that it has metamorphosed into Metamorphosis ProfessionalShow full article


FontMonger is a new product in the Macintosh market from a new company, Ares. Like Altsys, though, they're no strangers to the Macintosh market - they're the people responsible for Letraset's FontStudio, Fontographer's main competitorShow full article

Head-to-Head Test Specs

So, now the question comes down to who does a better job of font conversion. We ran two tests, a Type 1 to TrueType conversion and a Type 3 to Type 1 conversionShow full article

Type 1 to TrueType

For the first test, we each converted the New Century Schoolbook Roman Type 1 font with both Metamorphosis Professional and FontMonger. Dave had the following comments on his results. "The real difference between the FontMonger outlines and the Metamorphosis Professional outlines shows up at small point sizes such as 4 to 8 points at 300 dpi on a DeskJetShow full article

Type 3 to Type 1

Since I also purchased FontMonger while I was in the process of converting Type 1 to TrueType, I went ahead and performed a second test. For this test, I first converted the Type 1 font to a Type 3 font, thereby stripping it of the hinting that was initially part of the fontShow full article

Outlines to PICT

As part of some design work I was doing, I converted a few Type 1 fonts to outlines and compared the results. Metamorphosis Professional and FontMonger take very different approaches hereShow full article


I knew if I didn't include a section on speed, someone would surely send in a note to MailBITS telling me that I forgot something (not that it will stop you - thanks for keeping me honest), so here it isShow full article

Bottom Line

In the first test, Dave liked FontMonger's conversion best, I liked Metamorphosis Professional's best. Dave's DeskJet tends to have larger dots than my PLP, so the larger dots may partially make up for the thinner strokesShow full article

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