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Apple Offers Power Mac G4 Power Supply Swap

Apple Offers Power Mac G4 Power Supply Swap -- If you purchased a Power Mac G4 last year and wondered why Apple included a built-in jet turbine, it's time to remove your earplugsShow full article

Free Jaguar with MYOB

Free Jaguar with MYOB -- Apple may be bundling a "New User Edition" of Intuit's QuickBooks accounting program with new professional level Macs, but long-time Macintosh accounting software vendor MYOB isn't taking it lying downShow full article

Free BBEdit 7.0.2 Update

Free BBEdit 7.0.2 Update -- Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 7.0.2, a free update for all registered owners of BBEdit 7. A major change in this release is substantially improved translation and detection of text file encodings: BBEdit now supports default encodings when opening and saving files, detects encodings in well-formed XML and HTML documents, and offers appropriate encoding support in Save As dialogs and in the status area of every documentShow full article

WebSTAR 5.2.4 Gets SOAPy

WebSTAR 5.2.4 Gets SOAPy -- 4D, Inc., last week released WebSTAR Server Suite 5.2.4; the latest version of their collection of Internet servers. The main enhancement is support for Web Services via a full SOAP implementation (the PHP NuSOAP library) that provides integration with Web Services in other applications, including 4D's own 4th Dimension 2003Show full article

.Mac Upgrades & Goodies

.Mac Upgrades & Goodies -- People who ponied up for Apple's .Mac service have been receiving a variety of deals that have more than eliminated the $50 charge for the first year of a .Mac upgrade from iToolsShow full article

Poll Results: Do You Use Software Update?

Poll Results: Do You Use Software Update? Last week we asked how often you have Software Update set to check for new software. Of the more than 1,600 responses, 21 percent have it set to check every day, 40 percent check weekly (which is the default setting), a mere 2 percent check monthly, and only 4 percent don't use Software Update at allShow full article

Microsoft Acquires Virtual PC

Citing the virtual server capabilities of the technology, Microsoft last week announced that it has acquired from Connectix the entire Virtual PC product lineShow full article

A Personal Statement on War in Iraq

I'm angry. I'm worried. And I'm sad. I've refrained from voicing my opinions on this matter until now, but because I've always kept TidBITS personal and despite my reluctance to allow such matters into these pages, I can refrain no longerShow full article

Stuck on StickyBrain: Info-Clutter Organizer Extraordinaire

In 1999, when my son Tristan was born, I began having trouble with to-do lists. The problem was twofold: on one hand, there were so many things to remember to do, or that I might want to do someday; on the other hand, even though I often made to-do lists, I often lost them beneath piles of papers or - worse - forgot about them altogether. As the years went by, I tried to organize my piles of papers and to-do lists, but I was continually confounded by the many ways information arrives, both physical and virtual, and the necessity of sharing contact and calendar databases with Adam and our array of Macs (we use Now Software's Now Up-to-Date & Contact)Show full article

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