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Track Bandwidth Use with VirusBarrier X6

If you have monthly bandwidth limits, it's useful to know how much data you have used so far to avoid overage charges or being shut off by your ISP. But how do you determine how much data your Mac has transferred? Open VirusBarrier X6's Traffic window to see both current and cumulative traffic, and you can also create warnings when your data usage - incoming, outgoing, or both - exceeds an amount you specify.

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MacHack Stays Put in June

MacHack Stays Put in June -- Despite Apple's recent move of the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) to June in San Francisco, a single day after the MacHack developers conference, the MacHack organizers have announced that MacHack will remain in its originally scheduled spot from 19-Jun-03 to 21-Jun-03 in Dearborn, MichiganShow full article

Security Update 2003-03-24 Fixes Samba

Security Update 2003-03-24 Fixes Samba -- Apple has released Security Update 2003-03-24 via Software Update and as a stand-alone 4.5 MB download. The update fixes a hole that could allow unauthorized remote access to the system via the open-source Samba code that underlies Mac OS X's built-in Windows File Sharing (available from the Sharing preferences pane)Show full article

LaunchBar 3.2.10 Improves Help

LaunchBar 3.2.10 Improves Help -- Objective Development has released LaunchBar 3.2.10, a minor update to the extremely useful launcher utility (see "Tools We Use: LaunchBar" in TidBITS-671 for a full review)Show full article

Web Crossing 5.0, Web Crossing Express 5.0 Debut

Web Crossing 5.0, Web Crossing Express 5.0 Debut -- Web Crossing, Inc. has announced a pair of new products, Web Crossing 5.0 and Web Crossing Express 5.0Show full article

Poll Results: Sport Utility Drives?

Poll Results: Sport Utility Drives? In last week's poll, we asked how many of you have a utility hard drive for Macintosh maintenance and configuration tasksShow full article

Macworld Expo NY Revamped as Create

IDG World Expo and Apple last week announced a new event called Create that replaces Macworld Expo in New York from 14-Jul-03 through 18-Jul-03. Macworld Expo centered around the world of the Macintosh; Create will instead focus on the creative arts: design, publishing, audio, and videoShow full article

Info-Mac Archive Mirror Network Improved

Since the dawn of the Macintosh (really!), a small group of volunteers has been toiling away to provide services to the Macintosh community. Known as the Info-Mac Network, this non-profit organization publishes the Info-Mac Digest, a moderated mailing list of all things Macintosh (currently on hiatus while the group works through some problems with digest scripts after moving to a new server) and the Info-Mac Archive, the oldest (and for many years the largest) archive of freely distributable Macintosh software and information. In recent years, Info-Mac has had a hard time keeping up with the many companies who found they could make money from similar services via advertising - hence the rise of CNET's, VersionTracker, MacUpdate, Tucows, and othersShow full article

Printer Sharing and Print Spooling in Mac OS X

As of this writing, my internal network has only Macs running Mac OS X. That's not to say that most of our Macs can't boot into Mac OS 9 when necessary, but the only reasons I've had to switch back to Mac OS 9 recently were to run Norton Disk Doctor to perform a media check on a hard disk with bad blocks, and to use the floppy drive in my PowerBook G3Show full article

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