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Apple Reschedules WWDC Yet Again

Apple Reschedules WWDC Yet Again -- In a move that will no doubt cause even more consternation, Apple today announced that it has again rescheduled the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference, this time to coincide with the new Create conference that replaced Macworld Expo from 14-Jul-03 through 18-Jul-03Show full article

New Handeze Gloves for Aluminum PowerBook G4s

New Handeze Gloves for Aluminum PowerBook G4s -- I've long recommended Handeze gloves for reducing repetitive stress injuries in the hands and wrists (see "Handeze Gloves" in TidBITS-199)Show full article

iPodPowerMate Unveiled

iPodPowerMate Unveiled -- Extending its successful line of well-designed computing accessories, Griffin Technologies today announced the iPodPowerMate, a hardware multimedia controller specially created for the iPod (see "Unleashing the Power of the PowerMate" in TidBITS-653)Show full article

"Chili Pepper" iChat Plug-in Released

"Chili Pepper" iChat Plug-in Released -- Shareware developer Susan Valencia has released a plug-in for iChat that emulates Eudora's popular MoodWatch feature to iChat users who have Eudora installed (whether or not it's the default email client)Show full article

Canon PowerShot Keynote S250

Canon PowerShot Keynote S250 -- Be careful what you suggest! After I wrote about how I transferred Keynote slides to my Canon PowerShot S100 camera for display on a standard television in "The PowerShot Presentation" in TidBITS-669, I was amused to learn that Canon plans to release a new member of the diminutive PowerShot camera family that boasts direct integration with a forthcoming release of Apple's Keynote presentation programShow full article

TidBITS Publisher Awarded Fellowship

TidBITS Publisher Awarded Fellowship -- Cornell University today awarded TidBITS Publisher Adam C. Engst a fellowship in the university's interdisciplinary Information Science programShow full article

Segway for Kids Introduced

Segway for Kids Introduced -- Although introduced with much fanfare, the Segway Human Transporter (HT) has enjoyed only minimal success in the marketplaceShow full article

Filters for the Xserve

If you've ever been in a serious data center like the one where our servers reside at digital.forest, you know that all data centers share two features: They're loudShow full article

Microsoft Word 5.1 for Mac OS X

I haven't written much for TidBITS lately, in part because I've been busy helping some old friends at Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) with an upcoming release of Microsoft Word 5.1 for OS X, a carbonized version of Word 5.1a that preserves most of the features and all the look and feel of the highly popular Word 5.1Show full article

Catching Up with the Voice of Macintosh: Fred

Some voices are so unique that you can identify them immediately: Sean Connery, James Earl Jones, and Bruno Kirby spring to mind. Then there are voices that are equally unique, but not as well known in popular circlesShow full article

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