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iMovie 3.0.3 Improves Performance, Finally

iMovie 3.0.3 Improves Performance, Finally -- Shortly after releasing QuickTime 6.3 last week (details later in this issue), Apple also made iMovie 3.0.3 available as a free updateShow full article

iSync 1.1 Supports More Phones, Safari Bookmarks

iSync 1.1 Supports More Phones, Safari Bookmarks -- Apple has released iSync 1.1, its Mac OS X-only technology for synchronizing contacts, calendars, and other information across multiple computers and other devices (see "Jaguar, iCal, and iSync Appear" in TidBITS-639)Show full article

Keynote 1.1 Enhances Features

Keynote 1.1 Enhances Features -- Apple has released version 1.1 of its new Mac OS X-only presentation program Keynote. The update improves Keynote's ability to import and export PowerPoint presentations, adds the capability to jump to a specific slide during a slideshow, includes an option to not clip 3D transitions, improves feedback and interaction while working with slides in the Navigator, optimizes exported QuickTime files, reduces the size of themes and presentation files, and improves the overall performance of QuickTime videoShow full article

After Dark Returns for Mac OS X

After Dark Returns for Mac OS X -- Tonya still wears her Flying Toasters sweatshirt from the days when Berkeley Systems's After Dark screensaver was so popular it had not one, but two books written about it (see "After Dark: The Books" in TidBITS-150) - in fact, the very first item in the very first issue of TidBITS concerned a maintenance release of After Dark! If you don't remember After Dark, keep in mind that the screensaver was launched in 1989 and finally faded out in 1999Show full article

Spring Cleaning 6.0 Eliminates Crud

Spring Cleaning 6.0 Eliminates Crud -- It's spring (at least in this hemisphere, so bear with me if you're south of the equator), when a young geek's fancy turns to removing unnecessary files from his hard disk, improving performance, and making sure no one can snoop around and find out where exactly his fancy has turnedShow full article

WebSTAR V 5.3 Adds iCal Support

WebSTAR V 5.3 Adds iCal Support -- 4D has released 4D WebSTAR V Server Suite 5.3, updating the suite's 4D WebMail Pro module with the capability to display, publish, and subscribe to iCal calendarsShow full article

QuickTime 6.3 Adds 3GPP, Improves iApp Support

Apple has released QuickTime 6.3, the latest version of its foundation digital media technology. Version 6.3 offers improvements to DV audio and video synchronization (helpful for video authoring applications) along with specific improvements for Apple's Keynote, iMovie, and iDVD applicationsShow full article

Palm Buys Handspring

Five years after the founders of Palm, Inc. bolted from the company to form Handspring, Inc., Palm is pulling them back in. Palm has announced that it is acquiring Handspring in a stock swap deal valued at $192 millionShow full article

Internet-Guided Offline Recreation (IGOR): Geocaching

Sitting at a glowing screen for hours on end, with little or no live human interaction - this is the typical Internet experience. But some areas of the Internet compel users to leave the keyboard, go outside, and interact with the real worldShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/09-Jun-03

Online Crossword Puzzles -- Pointers to additional software for solving and creating crossword puzzles on the Mac. (7 messages) Wireless for older Macs -- More suggestions for adding an older Mac to your wireless networkShow full article

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