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QuarkXPress 6 for Mac OS X Ships

QuarkXPress 6 for Mac OS X Ships -- Quark claims it will begin shipping QuarkXPress 6 to customers this week, finally delivering the long-awaited Mac OS X version of the desktop publishing softwareShow full article

QuicKeys X2 Beefs Up Macros

QuicKeys X2 Beefs Up Macros -- CE Software has released QuicKeys X2, the latest Mac OS X version of their long-standing macro utility (see "QuicKeys X: Return of the Ghost" in TidBITS-602)Show full article

NoteTaker 1.5: Even More Noteworthy

NoteTaker 1.5: Even More Noteworthy -- AquaMinds has released version 1.5 of their flagship outliner, NoteTaker, with many improvements (see "Take Note of NoteTaker" in TidBITS-677)Show full article

Security Update 2003-06-09 2.0

Security Update 2003-06-09 2.0 -- Last week, Apple released Security Update 2003-06-09, which addresses an obscure potential security problem related to using Apple Filing Protocol to share a Network File System (NFS) mounted volumeShow full article

Microsoft Releases IE 5.2.3 for Mac OS X

Microsoft Releases IE 5.2.3 for Mac OS X -- Right after confirming that the only future development on Internet Explorer for the Macintosh would be bug fixes (more later in this issue), Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 5.2.3 for Mac OS X, enhancing compatibility with proxy servers and fixing a few bugs (including the annoying Mac OS X bug that caused a pop-up menu to appear much of the time when you clicked a bookmark on the Favorites Bar)Show full article

Internet Explorer for Mac in Maintenance Mode

Two weeks after Microsoft announced it would stop development on a stand-alone version of Internet Explorer 6 for Windows - instead continuing to integrate Web browsing functionality into the Windows operating system - the company has now confirmed that there will never be an Internet Explorer 6 for MacintoshShow full article

802.11g (AirPort Extreme) Ratified

Apple took a risk when it introduced AirPort Extreme in January of 2003 because the IEEE 802.11g specification that AirPort Extreme relies on hadn't yet been approvedShow full article

Apple Ships Final Cut Pro 4

With fanfare at some Apple retail stores last weekend, Apple released Final Cut Pro 4, the latest version of its high-end, nonlinear, digital video editing softwareShow full article

Replacing a Power Mac G4 Power Supply

Back in February, Apple quietly started a program to replace the noisy fans in the Power Mac G4 (Mirrored Drive Doors). For $20 shipping and handling, Apple will ship you a new power supply and fan along with installation instructionsShow full article

Internet-Guided Offline Recreation (IGOR): Database Rituals

Your finances, medical history, school records, Internet usage - it's all out there. Any type of information can be tracked through a database, with ramifications both highly useful and, these days, profoundly scaryShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/16-Jun-03

Choosing a projector -- Suggestions for buying a portable multimedia projector for use on the road, including a discussion of how screen resolution affects displayShow full article

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