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Security Update 2004-02-23 Available

Security Update 2004-02-23 Available -- Apple today released Security Update 2004-02-23, adding fixes for a number of Mac OS X components, including DiskArbitration, IPSec, and Point-to-Point ProtocolShow full article

Interarchy 7.0 Adds Tabs, Improves Interface

Interarchy 7.0 Adds Tabs, Improves Interface -- Stairways Software has released Interarchy 7.0, the latest version of their flexible Internet file transfer and network utilityShow full article

iSight 1.0.2 Software Released

iSight 1.0.2 Software Released -- Apple has improved the software for its sleek iSight video camera. The iSight 1.0.2 update improves auto exposure, auto white balance, and overall performanceShow full article

Apple Adds More RSS Syndication Feeds

Apple Adds More RSS Syndication Feeds -- Apple has quietly offered RSS-based news feeds for a while, but the company recently added a page that lists every feed, which includes many subcategoriesShow full article

Adam Interviewed on The User Group Report

Adam Interviewed on The User Group Report -- If you'd like to hear a radio interview I did with Chuck Joiner of The User Group Report about our Take Control project and the new Take Control User Group Program we've started, head over the page belowShow full article

Apple: Debt-Free and Flush with Cash

Apple is known for drawing attention to itself, but last week even its harshest critics must have looked at the company in a new light. As reported by the Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required to view the first URL, below), Steve Jobs announced in an email message to employees that Apple had paid off the company's remaining $300 million in long-term debtShow full article

Austin Indie Bands Shared via iTunes

Two organizations in Austin, Texas, are bringing the music of local independent bands to users of free local wireless networks - legally, thanks to the music sharing features built into iTunesShow full article

Solving AppleWorks Corruption Problems

Apple recently released a pair of software packages that resolve corruption problems occasionally encountered when saving AppleWorks files on a serverShow full article

iPhoto 4: The Potential Remains

Let's not beat around the bush. iPhoto 4 is better than iPhoto 2 in almost every way, and its performance is so much improved that if you currently use iPhoto 2, you should immediately ante up $50 for iLife '04 or, if you've been hankering for one anyway, a new MacShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/23-Feb-04

Konfabulator -- Following Adam's review of Konfabulator, readers discuss the utility - is it truly useful, or just well-done eye candy that takes up too much screen spaceShow full article

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