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TidBITS 2004 Holiday Break

TidBITS 2004 Holiday Break -- You're reading the final TidBITS issue for 2004. Our next issue will arrive 10-Jan-05, as we gear up for Macworld Expo in San FranciscoShow full article

Mac OS 10.3.7 Fixes Specific Bugs

Mac OS 10.3.7 Fixes Specific Bugs -- Apple has released Mac OS X 10.3.7, a less-sweeping update than most of the previous Mac OS X 10.3 updates. Unlike those updates, this one focuses on specific bugs, fixing a problem that could cause intermittent DNS lookup failures, enabling TextEdit to open certain previously problematic RTF documents, solving a few problems for the World of Warcraft game, improving compatibility for 3D surfaces in Graphing Calculator, fixing the problem introduced in 10.3.6 that prevented some FireWire drives from mounting, addressing an issue that caused filenames saved to an AppleShare file server to be shortened to 31 character, improving compatibility with FireWire-based audio devices, and enabling E*Trade PDF account statements to be viewed in Preview, among others. Note that Apple specifically Show full article

Important News for All Subscribers: Mailing List Migration

I hate to introduce an article in such a blatant way, but please read everything that follows, since it explains some sweeping changes we're making that will affect your subscription to TidBITS. Over the holiday break, if everything goes well, we plan to take the next major step in the migration of our server infrastructure to Web Crossing: the transition of the four primary TidBITS mailing lists from our increasingly creaky Power Mac 7100, with its obsolete 1997 version of ListSTAR running under Mac OS 8.6Show full article

DealBITS Drawing: GarageSale

Back when we moved from Seattle to Ithaca, NY, we tried selling some items on eBay, and although it wasn't terribly difficult to set up an auction or two, it quickly became clear that working through eBay's Web-based interface required more effort than we were willing to expend on a regular basisShow full article

AirPort Firmware Updates Fix Major Bugs

Apple late today pushed out two incremental firmware releases to its wireless base stations, AirPort Express 6.1.1 and AirPort Extreme 5.5.1, on the heels of a major release a few weeks ago (see "AirPort 4.1 Fixes Encryption Irritation, Enables Remote Control" in TidBITS-756)Show full article

Macworld Expo SF 2005 Events

The annual Macworld Expo in San Francisco approaches, though it's a bit later than normal this year, with the show floor open from 11-Jan-05 through 14-Jan-05Show full article

A New Way to Use Eudora

A few months ago, I was ruminating on how email programs do a fine job of helping users send and receive mail, but do little for helping users manage their mailShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/20-Dec-04

The second URL below each thread description points to the discussion on our Web Crossing server, which will be much faster. iPhoto books -- In an effort to determine who prints Apple's bound books of iPhoto pictures, readers talk about the advantages and limitations of the formatShow full article

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