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Security Update 2005-005 for Mac OS X 10.3.9

Security Update 2005-005 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 -- Apple has released Security Update 2005-005 to address several online security issues with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Mac OS X Server 10.3.9Show full article

Apple Releases iTunes 4.8

Apple Releases iTunes 4.8 -- Apple today released iTunes 4.8, a free download with minimal documentation. According to the ReadMe file, "iTunes 4.8 includes new Music Store features and support for transferring contacts and calendars from your computer to your iPod," noting that the latter feature requires Mac OS X 10.4 TigerShow full article

A Trio of Radio Interviews

A Trio of Radio Interviews -- In conjunction with the 15th anniversary of TidBITS and the release of our Take Control ebooks about Tiger, I've been doing the radio show roundsShow full article

DragThing Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

DragThing Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary -- Hard on the heels of TidBITS's celebration of its 15-year anniversary comes the 10th anniversary of James Thomson's launcher DragThingShow full article

Spotlight Qualifiers Posted on Apple Site

Spotlight Qualifiers Posted on Apple Site -- Sure enough, I write an article that says Apple hasn't yet provided detail on a given subject, and they go and update their siteShow full article

DealBITS Drawing for Stock WatchTower

From 1995 through 2001, Tonya and I participated in a stock investment club with a number of our Mac-using friends. It was a valuable learning experience, and the club did fairly well, though it was difficult to do badly in the stock market during some of those yearsShow full article

iMac G5 and eMac Lines Refreshed

Shortly after releasing new Power Mac G5 models (see "Apple Speed Bumps Power Mac G5" in TidBITS-778), Apple announced updates to two of its consumer desktop lines, the iMac G5 and the eMac. iMac G5 Improved -- Apple bumped up the processor, graphics card, and built-in memory of the flat-panel iMac G5Show full article

A New Dimension for iChat AV

Last year I "attended" a briefing with a few Apple representatives while sitting in my office chair in Seattle. They were in Cupertino, and thanks to the video chat capabilities of iChat AV, we had a face-to-face conversationShow full article

iPhoto 5: New Features Abound, Limitations Remain

I'll admit it. I was rather disappointed with iPhoto 4, the previous version of Apple's consumer-level photo management program (see "iPhoto 4: The Potential Remains" in TidBITS-718)Show full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/09-May-05

The second URL below each thread description points to the discussion on our Web Crossing server, which will be faster. Tiger Shipping and Educational Discount Problems -- A few people didn't receive their pre-ordered copies of Tiger when promised, though some report being offered free software as compensationShow full article

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