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My mail link still isn't completely solid, and it's certainly not as quick as I was used to when I connected to the Internet via Cornell, but at least most mail is getting through nowShow full article

ROM Troubles Over

If we had presses, we'd have to stop them for this story. Apple has dealt with the dirty ROM problem by making a deal with Connectix to distribute MODE32 free of charge (yes, you read that right) to all usersShow full article

DeskWriter C

[Editor's Note: Even though I wrote a bit on the DeskWriter C last week based on my impressions at the dBUG meeting, I felt that this piece was more complete and accurate, coming from a knowledgeable person inside HP who has used the printer extensivelyShow full article


[Editor's Note: This is the first in what will hopefully be a long string of columns from John C. Fuller probing the edges and the futures of computingShow full article

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