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Apple Special Event Coverage

Apple Special Event Coverage -- This week's issue goes out a day before an Apple media event on 28-Feb-06, and although we could prognosticate until our keyboards break under the strain, we'll instead do the sensible thing and report on Steve Jobs's announcements in ExtraBITS shortly after they happenShow full article

iTunes Music Store Tops 1 Billion Songs Sold

Next time I visit Cupertino, I'll be looking to see if Apple has co-opted one of those McDonald's signs touting the number of burgers served to advertise the number of songs sold on the iTunes Music StoreShow full article

Guy Kawasaki Is Back!

As the Macintosh has matured over the years, some people moved on, and the Mac world was the poorer for it. But one familiar face from the days of yore has been popping up again lately: ex-Apple evangelist Guy KawasakiShow full article

Significant Safari Exploit Discovered

A potentially critical security flaw has been uncovered in Apple's Safari Web browser, which may enable attackers to execute arbitrary Unix shell scripts on a user's machine simply by following a link on a Web siteShow full article

Of Files, Forks, and FUD

As a level-headed, rational reader of TidBITS, you have, I trust, resisted being swept away on the wave of fear, uncertainty, and doubt spread this past week with regard to the latest variety of Mac OS X security holes to gain wide attention (see Geoff Duncan's "Significant Safari Exploit Discovered," elsewhere in this issue, for more details)Show full article

iPhoto 6: Good, but Not Ground-Breaking

There are few programs whose capabilities I'm more familiar with than iPhoto, thanks to the feature-by-feature investigations I run through every year when writing my "iPhoto for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide" bookShow full article

Take Control News/27-Feb-06

"Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac" Covers GarageBand 3 -- Podcasting took 2005 by storm, but as many people quickly realized, it's harder than it soundsShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/27-Feb-06

The first link for each thread description points to the traditional TidBITS Talk interface; the second link points to the same discussion on our Web Crossing server, which provides a different look and which may be faster. DVD audio into iTunes? How do you record a snippet of audio directly from a DVD? Read on to learn several different methodsShow full article

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