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Apple Issues Fix for MacBook Shutdowns

No product is ever perfect, even Apple's wildly successful MacBook line. A number of vocal MacBook owners have been experiencing annoying random shutdowns, and fortunately, according to Apple, a fix is finally at handShow full article

MacBook Pro Gets Core 2 Duo, FireWire 800

Apple upgraded its entire MacBook Pro line of professional laptops last week, incorporating Intel's new Core 2 Duo processor instead of the Core Duo processor introduced early this year (see "Intel-Based iMac and MacBook Pro Ship Earlier than Expected," 16-Jan-06)Show full article

Adobe Releases Soundbooth Beta

Adobe has been burning the development oil lately. After garnering attention with its Photoshop Lightroom beta, last week it released a public beta of Adobe Soundbooth, an apparent competitor to Apple's Soundtrack Pro that is "focused on creative professionals without audio expertise, or those who prefer an application focused on making short work of the most common tasks they handle every dayShow full article

Microsoft Sponsoring TidBITS

Halloween, at least in the United States, is upon us, and we're pleased to welcome, along with the usual bunch of trick-or-treating kids, our latest long-term sponsor, Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, more commonly known as MacBU and pronounced, at least for Halloween, as MacBOO! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Microsoft has sponsored TidBITS at various times over our 16-year history, but I hadn't known the current folks in the MacBU before the conversations that led to this sponsorship, conversations that started in response to their desire to make the MacBU a more active member of the Macintosh communityShow full article

.Mac Webmail Gets a Makeover

Last week Apple rolled out a major overhaul to the email portion of the .Mac Web site. With the changes, the .Mac webmail interface looks and acts strikingly similar to Apple's Mail applicationShow full article

Understanding Mac OS X's Login Passwords

One of the most striking things I noticed when switching from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X years ago was how frequently the operating system asks me for a passwordShow full article

Unpatched Macs Face Bluetooth Root Exploit

Security software developer Intego last week issued a press release about a significant proof-of-concept Bluetooth exploit that has been dubbed "Inqtana.d Bluetooth." This exploit works via a flaw in the Bluetooth short-range wireless networking standard, and could affect only Macs running unpatched versions of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (which is why we recommend installing Apple's security updates!)Show full article

Take Control News/30-Oct-06

Move to a New Mac with Adam's Latest Ebook -- Last week, we released the second edition of my "Take Control of Buying a Mac," which now features complete details about the Intel-based Macs that have taken over Apple's product lineShow full article

Hot Topics in TidBITS Talk/30-Oct-06

HTML email digression -- Does HTML belong in email? Should text-only messages be the norm? Like it or not, HTML-formatted email is here to stay, and readers discuss the implicationsShow full article

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